Monday, 5 March 2012

11Way to avoid expulsion from Google Adsense

 11Way to avoid expulsion from Google Adsense

1-Do not press on your ads and do not ask others to click on them:
To know this very well,,, but I wanted to add that the fastest way to expel from Adsense, and do not ask your friends or your family members to put pressure on the ads to you, even if your balance 0, and verify that the members of your family and your friends do not putting pressure on the ads thinking that they help you, but they are closing your account indirectly, and careful use of tools in the illegal access to keystrokes, Vadsens very cleverBack in the discovery of counterfeit, has Forewarned is forearmed, I really do not want you to miss an opportunityHundreds of dollars a month.

USD/CHF 5 March

U.S. Dollar Swiss Franc: Close pair at elevations of good for a third day in a row during the trading session of Friday, taking advantage of maintaining the U.S. dollar on most of its gains weekly, but not to forget the alarm that a bullish reversal is still not complete, either in front of the franc Aobagy major currencies, and therefore, caution will remain the duty with each test a new one the following main lines of resistance. 


AUD/USD 5 March

Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar: saw the pair clearly affected by the emergency power of the U.S. currency after the U.S. Fed governor's remarks in his testimony before the U.S. Congress in addition to the negative Chinese manufacturing data and visibility is generally stable for the recovery of the global economy in the coming months. Although the selling pressure forced the pair to retreat from the new annual Qmmh recorded at 1.0854, but the general framework remains upward, both in the short or the longer range of time with stability within the upper part of the scope of the movement since the beginning of the year.  

GBP/USD 5 March

GBP/USD: down cable sharply in the trading session Friday, losing about 150 points of Qmmh daily that had been recorded at the point 1.5964 in early trade, after failing a supportive environment in general for the U.S. dollar to provide the opportunity for the pound to continue its recent gains, though it was the best performers during the trading week, which break through the top of his opponents in the main near-term, up to the tops of the annual threshold of a new psychological level of 1.600.

EUR/USD 5 March

Euro-dollars: the husband is under the impact of selling pressure double in trading last week plunged its Qmmh annual near the level of 1.3500 to the bottom of a new monthly without pivot level 1.3200, both on the part of the program of bank lending, adopted by the European Central Bank, known as the LTRO, which did not succeed in providing support The single currency has been generally regarded as some sort of quantitative easing in the evaluation of what has been the large number of banks and financial institutions that benefited from the program on the grounds that some sort of continuing tension in the bank credit market in the euro zone.

NZD/USD 5 march 2012

NZD/USD 6 march 2012
Close(TP) Sell NZD/USD 0.82121 
Profit: 199 pips