Thursday, 1 March 2012

Outline of the land bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia at a cost of $ 3 billion

Saudi official said that the Ministries of Transport in Saudi Arabia and Egypt have agreed to put the outline in the coming days for the beginning of the project the land bridge between the two countries at a cost of an initial three billion dollars.

The source added, "will be discussed with the Egyptian side," pointing out that the two sides agreed to release the name of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on the project.

The source explained that the bridge will extend from northern Saudi region of Tabuk between the head of Hamid and the Strait of Tiran to the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba in Egypt across the Red Sea, a length of 50 kilometers.

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EUR/USD 1 March

 EUR/USD 1 March
Sell EUR/USD 1.33209 

ANALYSIS STOCK TRENDS, Chapter 1 ,The Technical Approach to Trading and Investing


Robert D. Edwards
John Magee

Chapter 1 

The Technical Approach to
Trading and Investing

tressing thinness of the market at times—one of the undoubted effects
of regulation—has resulted in a few more "false moves/'
more spells of uninteresting (and unprofitable) inactivity. But, in
the main, the market goes right on repeating the same old movements
in much the same old routine. The importance of a knowledge
of these phenomena to the trader and investor has been in no
whit diminished.


AUD/USD 1 march 2012

 AUD/USD 1 march 2012

Australian dollar U.S. dollar climbed pair to the top of a new annual in mid trading session Wednesday at the point of 1.0854 and that in the scope of recovery relative who witnessed markets assets of Risk with the decisions the European final. E during the U.S. session decline in the pair around 100 points of Qmmh daily, with negative the performance of stock markets and the sharp fall in the prices of gold and some recovery in the value of U.S. currency and all that long statements by the U.S. Federal Governor explained that the monetary policy will focus on the confrontation that lead the current stimulus programs to raise the rates of inflation threatening the effectiveness of policy is to reduce interest rates.  

GBP/USD 1 march


GBP/USD: rose cable strongly in trading Wednesday to record its highest level in more than three and a half months at the top of yesterday's 1.5990, after that enabled him to stability since the beginning of the trading week in the top-level domain for the consolidation of monthly near 1.5900 to achieve maximum benefit from improved market sentiment principled soon the announcement of the bank financing of the European Central Bank. neutral reactions Alahakh and recovered U.S. currency as well as signals Zruh buying pressure on the pair to fall and still be relatively stable so far, 

EUR/USD 1 March

EUR/USD 1 March 

Euro Dollar:Euro-dollars: down husband in trading yesterday to its lowest level in about a week at the point 1.3333, after the announcement of the details of the second package of the program of the European Central Bank to finance the banks, known as short as LTRO for 3 years, generally within market expectations despite an increase in the number of financial institutions, the recipient of it, and despite the limited pressure that caused the U.S. dollar,