Wednesday, 29 February 2012





Before becoming a trading and markets expert, the guy on CNBC
reporting hourly from the Bond Pit, was a phone clerk on the trading
floor. Obviously this qualifies him to be an expert! He, and others, can
provide no utility to you. Treat it for what it really is…. entertainment.
The fact is: The reporting that you hear on the business programs isold news. The story has already been dissected and consumed by the
professional market participants long before the news has been disseminated.
Do not trade off of the reporting. Its too late.

EUR/USD 29 Feb 2012

 EUR/USD  29 Feb 2012
Close(SL) Buy EUR/USD 1.33842 
Loss:-40 pips

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012
Close(SL) Sell GBP/USD 1.59781 
 Loss:-203 pips

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

Close(SL) Sell GBP/USD 1.59672 
 Loss:-152 pips 20

Aud/Usd 29 Feb 2012

Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar: Listing pair reaction bearish limited after the decision of the Irish government to hold a referendum on a plan of financial stability of European, 

which had caused a kind of uncertainty in general in the market Tuesday as well, the stability of the performance of the shares in on Wall Street in spite of a negative report Durable goods orders contributed to the curb losses and the rest of the Australian dollar commodity currencies in general. Technically, the pair maintained be shown signs of support to keep the model of consolidation of the current without the resistance of the main between 1.0800 -1.0843, and with survival highest level Almovinj 20 on the red hour and four hours at 1.0760 and 1.0726, respectively, will remain on the positive bias current, and will target key resistance at the trend line broken near 1.0805 a possibility in the coming hours. Fraction higher resistance mentioned would be a signal of principle for the possibility of the resumption of the wave of recovery of annual, which will be confirmed by removing resistance of the annual summits present, especially as the Australian dollar will have a number of key events important in the coming days and that supported the risk appetite of investors will increase the chances of breaking the upward major considerations in the medium term to open the way towards the historic peaks recorded by the pair in the middle of last year the highest psychological level. 1.100

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.0702 1.0724 1.0738 1.0761 1.0783 1.0797 1.0820

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP USD: recovered cable strongly in the trading session yesterday to be able to erase all the losses recorded in trading Monday full, 

despite the attempt to climb daily has been contained at the same point, which represented the top of the previous day and specifically at 1.5899, but the pair were limited retreats, subsequent to show the pattern of side of trading without strong signals up to date on the reflection of a renewed downward even in the near term. In the scenario bullish If husband was able to break the resistance level of 1.5900, this will bring attention to the direction of the annual summits around 1.5927,

 which can be expected there is a gathering of long positions above this level has been paving in the case of crossed open space bullish new and extended in front of the pair will be the main objective about 1.6090 more confidence for this technical assumption can come in the case of the ability of the rising trend line on the chart of the four hours of trying to contain the decline in survival possible with the husband, without procrastination weekly current peaks. On the other hand, the loss of support at 1.5780, which represents the barrier correction of 50% Vebo to rally final and also the level of Almovinj 100 on the chart four hours, this will make the pair an exhibition to complete the next hours the fans place among the trading side and possibly a restoration path downward the past and then the re-test base monthly trading near 1.5650 would not be something unlikely.

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.5761 1.5802 1.5827 1.5869 1.5910 1.5935 1.5977

EUR/USD 29 Feb 2012


Euro Dollar: recovered the pair strongly from the lows Tuesday that formed earlier at the point 1.3388, after being able to overcome early losses, 

AUD/JPY 29 Feb 2012

 AUD/JPY  29 Feb 2012
Buy AUD/JPY 86.968