Monday, 27 February 2012

AUD/JPY : 28 Feb

 AUD/JPY : 28 Feb
Close(SL) Sell AUD/JPY 86.662 
Loss:-40 pips

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western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

  western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

"Western Union" Canceled the money transfer service "Western Union" suddenly licenses that were given to a number of large exchange companies in the Gaza Strip, and maintained to provide services only at some banks, in a move aimed at imposing more restrictions on money transfers to the Palestinians.

top five 5 sites

top five 5  sites

we will rank sites not to the traffic rank , but  we will rank it according to the benefit you can get from it
this sites fight for first ranks every day

First : 

at first google (search) consider as best search engine ever
you can find any thing you surfing in google
and google also have many services
list of google services and tools :

1-google (search)
2- google alerts  (email notification service)

3 - google blog search (blog search engine)

4 - goolge books (Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide using Google Book Search)

5 - google finance (Get real-time stock quotes & charts)
6 - google groups (Searchable archive of more than 700 million Usenet postings)

7 - google hotpot ( Rate and review the places you know to improve your recommendations.)

8 - google image search (The most comprehensive image search on the web)

9 - google language tools ( Translation of text and web pages between English and several European languages )

10 - google movies (Search Images Videos Maps News Shopping)

11- google news (aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.)

12 - google sms ( Offers United States local business listings )

13 - google video (Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations.)

14 - google history ( Search, plus Your World. Search the web plus your photos, posts, and stuff friends  )

15 - google adsense ( Offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers Delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to site content pages. )

16 - google adwords ( Advertise with Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section next to search results to boost website traffic and sales)

17 - google certification ( Get AdWords certified - demonstrate your proficiency in managing AdWords accounts and campaigns by joining the Google AdWords Certification Program )

18 - google tv ads ( Google TV Ads: an effective way to place your advertising on TV. )

19 - google web site Optimizer  ( Website Optimizer, Google's free website testing and optimization tool )

AUD/CAD : 28 Feb

 AUD/CAD : 28 Feb
Buy AUD/CAD 1.07382 

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

  EUR/USD : 28 Feb
Sell EUR/USD @ 1.34108
Sell EUR/USD 1.34108 
SL:1.34508 TP:1.33308

USD/CAD: 27 Feb 2012

USD/CAD: 27 Feb 2012
Buy USD/CAD 1.00122