Thursday, 23 February 2012

GBP/USD : 23 Feb

GBP/USD :  23 Feb
Close Sell GBP/USD 1.57468 
Loss:-49 pips

EUR/AUD 23 Feb

EUR/AUD 23 Feb
Buy EUR/AUD 1.24702 

Sell EUR : 23 Feb

Sell EUR : 23 Feb
Close(SL) Sell EUR/NZD 1.59987
 Loss:- 40 pips

Types Of Charts

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Types Of Charts

there is a diffrent types of charts in technical analysis
1- Ascending Triangle
2-Descending Triangle
3-Symmetrical Triangle
4-Head & Shoulders
5-Cub & Handle
6-Flags & Pannants
9-Douple Bottom " W "

Ascending Triangle
Ascending triangle is a model that consists of a positive during an uptrend. But sometimes consists
Triangle moving upward when the arrow is in a downtrend and be a model and refers to the opposite
Whether it is configured during an uptrend or downtrend is bullish Valmthelt model indicates a positive
To assembly.
Ascending triangle can be right-angled triangle Cashel.

Characteristics of the form:
1 - trend: the triangle is a model composed by a continuing uptrend. Because the triangle
Promoted a positive model, the length and duration of the trend
is not important.


2 - the upper horizontal line "resistance level": DO NOT require the presence of at least two summits
Equal. In general, it is not necessary that the peaks are equal. It should also
Be a space between the two summits
3 - the lower the rising trend: It consists of at least Haan formation of ascending to the bottom of any
The second highest from the bottom first as there should be a space between them.
Of the reasons that lead to the failure of this model is to be Haan equal or less than the bottom
Previous bottom.


4 - Duration: The duration of this model are ranging from several weeks to several months. And duration
3 months. - Medium to be the model
runs from 1

5 - Volume "quantity": quantity and shrink less with the form. When the
Get penetration, there must be an increase in the amount of trading to confirm the breakout.
However, to confirm the amount of penetration is not necessary as the need for quantity breaks.
After the turn to get penetration resistance, which is "the upper horizontal line" to
Strong support and sometimes the price of the stock back to the point of penetration, which has become a boost ahead
of departure.


6 - the target of the form "target price": by measuring the difference between the first and the bottom
Resistance line and then collected with a point piercing resistance.

EUR/CAD : 23 Feb

EUR/CAD : 23 Feb
 Buy EUR/CAD 1.32552 

GBP/NZD 23 Feb

GBP/NZD 23 Feb
Sell GBP/NZD 1.88814 

GBP/CHF 23 Feb

GBP/CHF 23 Feb
 Sell GBP/CHF 1.42472 

USD/CHF : 23 Feb

USD/CHF : 23 Feb

Close(SL) Buy USD/CHF 0.90812 

Loss:-103 pips