Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EUR/USD : 22 Feb

EUR/USD : 22 Feb :
Buy EUR/USD 1.32200 
 Loss:-40 pips



The Accumulation/Distribution is a momentum indicator that associates changes in price and volume. The indicator is based on the premise that the more volume that accompanies a price move, the more significant the price move.

The Accumulation/Distribution is really a variation of the more popular On Balance Volume indicator. Both of these indicators attempt to confirm changes in prices by comparing the volume associated with prices.
When the Accumulation/Distribution moves up, it shows that the security is being accumulated, as most of the volume is associated with upward price movement. When the indicator moves down, it shows that the security is being distributed, as most of the volume is associated with downward price movement.

Divergences between the Accumulation/Distribution and the security's price imply a change is imminent. When a divergence does occur, prices usually change to confirm the Accumulation/Distribution. For example, if the indicator is moving up and the security's price is going down, prices will probably reverse.



Advancing, declining, and unchanged volume are all market momentum indicators. They reflect movement on the New York Stock exchange in millions of shares.

Advancing volume is the total volume for all securities that advanced in price. Declining volume is the total volume for all securities that declined in price. And similarly, unchanged volume is the total volume for all securities that were unchanged in price.

Numerous indicators have been developed using up and down volume indicators. These indicators include the Cumulative Volume Index, Negative Volume Index, Positive Volume Index, and the Upside-Downside Ratio. Charts of the advancing or declining volume can be used to look for volume divergences (where advancing volume increases but the market falls) to see if selling pressure is waning, to view daily trends, etc.
Due to the erratic fluctuations in advancing and declining volume, I suggest you smooth the indicators with a 3- to 10-day moving average.



The Absolute Breadth Index ("ABI") is a market momentum indicator that was developed by Norman G. Fosback.

The ABI shows how much activity, volatility, and change is taking place on the New York Stock Exchange while ignoring the direction prices are headed.

You can think of the ABI as an "activity index." High readings indicate market activity and change, while low readings indicate lack of change.

In Fosback's book, Stock Market Logic, he indicates that historically, high values typically lead to higher prices three to twelve months later. 

Fosback found that a highly reliable variation of the ABI is to divide the weekly ABI by the total issues traded. A ten-week moving average of this value is then calculated. Readings above 40% are very bullish and readings below 15% are bearish.

AUD/USD : 21 Feb

AUD/USD : 21 Feb

the decline in the pair of its day recorded by the highest level 1.0800 during trading Monday early and with the absence of any data leadership for notebook yesterday by economics was possible to stimulate the appetite to continue purchasing and although the price found technical support at the level of Almovinj 20 on the chart of the four hours at the bottom of Monday 1.0737.  
the complete opposite recovery current may not be smooth after the decline of the pair without resistance level Almovinj mentioned

but on the hourly level, which are now present around 1.0763,
 which is also a point Pivot Important played multiple roles during the last week in determining the trends of the husband daily. 
 On the other hand, the pair has not yet cover the gap upward price which was opened by the trading week,
 a behavior that is expected, usually so the retest closed Friday at 1.0715 may not be excluded in the case was unable to pair to resolve blasted the current and the reverse path strongly to return to the top of the highest level Tamodah 1.0800.

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3

1.0693 1.0722 1.0740 1.0769 1.0798 1.0816 1.0845

GBP/USD : 21 Feb


the pair jumped at the beginning of the trading week to score the best level since the ninth of February, the current at the point 1.5878,
 taking advantage of the climate of confidence prevailing in the market yesterday, which prompted investors to return to risk at the beginning of the week. Pound proved in the previous period on the strength of its bullish momentum and that by ignoring the pressure forces that were supposed to be caused by the main factors relating to the raising allocations quantitative easing,
 according to the decision of the Bank of England in its last meeting, which paves the way to gain more power in the coming weeks with Adtarad improvement in market sentiment due to the potential breakthrough in the financial crisis in Europe. Technically, the bias in the near term remains bullish in the forces is supposed to rise and the survival of the pair stable higher-level pivotal 1.5810, which represents the level of Almovinj on the daily chart and also the barrier correction 61.8% Vebo for the last drop between 1.5923 and 1.5643, a Mibaky opportunities appeal upward toward the level of 1.5900 before transfer attention to the annual summits mentioned that inflict open the way toward the psychological level .1.600 on the other hand, it is without the psychological level of 1.5800 we have to support another important at about 1.5785,
 which represents a patch level 50% Vebo as well as Almovinj 20 and 100 on the chart four hours is expected to play this level an important role in containing the corrective declines Ltd. and can separate the downward break is real,
 and as containing the pair bounce back to the top or confirm the scenario scenes of deeper downward corrections in the event exceeded that open the way towards the bottom of the important 1.5740 level, followed by 1.5700. Before being translated to any declines a probable reflection of bearish in the near term and to target key support area and the current between 1.5650 - 1.5620

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.5758 1.5790 1.5810 1.5841 1.5873 1.5893 1.5924

EUR/USD 21 Feb

EUR/USD: the decline in the husband is average in the trading session Monday after a bilateral summit to chart the four hours the highest level of 1.3270,
 which included trying to recover daily, and paid the husband later to take the path of both sides with the absence of any details regarding the summit inspiration, currently held in Brussels, 
which is supposed to decide which European officials about the rescue package the second required to spare Greece bankruptcy potential. technically a patch level 61.8% Vebo of Trend falling between 1.3548-1.2623 around 1.3190 now represents the main support in parallel with the level of Almovinj 200 on the hourly level, which move at about 1.3183.
 fracture without those important region will convey the extent of bias in the near in principle to a kind of neutrality as revealed by pivot points that represent the following subsidies at the level of 1.3140
where correction of 50% Vebo Trend mentioned, followed by 1.3123. Before collection of the appropriate momentum to break decisively below the pivotal 1.3100 level,
 which would with the power of a bearish scenario is also likely to target the psychological level to confirm the 1.300 Appeal. 

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.3123 1.3163 1.3189 1.3229 1.3269 1.3295 1.3335

EUR/JPY 21 Feb

EUR/JPY 21 Feb :

AUD/USD 21 Feb

 AUD/USD 21 Feb :

Close(TP) Sell AUD/USD 1.06625 
 Profit: 80 pips

CAD/JPY 21 Feb

CAD/JPY 21 Feb :

Buy CAD/JPY 79.840 
Loss:-39 pips

NZD/JPY 21 Feb

NZD/JPY : 21 Feb
Sell NZD/JPY 66.478