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what should i order in Forex ?

what should i order in Forex ?
what should i order in Forex ?

every one invest money in Forex have this basic questions and trying to answer it to begin  trading safe in forex :
  1. which currency should i choose to trade ?
  2. how to begain trade in Forex ?
  3. what should i order in forex ?
  4. how to start day trading?
  5. how to succeed in day trading?
  6. how safe is currency trading?

  • News :
News have a great effect on the Market beacause it may rise or fail a price , and traders must consider it
Who is raising the price of the currency or reduce it or corrects the time of the issuance of non-news!!

Answer is that the deal forex always open, ie not closed not closed because the Forex market is open 24 hours, but traders who are closing their positions or entering orders deals contradictory to this move the exchange rate, it is impossible to buy all the traders at one time or sell at one time
Is not it ..

To answer more clearly

There are key elements in Forex.

brokers in the market are simply executors of orders traders do not share with in the profit or loss.
(2) traders on the Internet It is also impossible to enter all the traders their orders in a single moment there are those who enter orders by the news and there when the news and there after the news and there are those who do before the markets closed periods short, keep in mind that market trends are made of (orders to buy or sell)

Tips ::::order
after the issuance of the news
This comparison shows more indicators influence the conduct of transactions in terms of the number of points where the husband is moving after the issuance of the news, during the years 2004 and 2006:


Sort indicators during 2004:

1 - the U.S. employment report for the agricultural sector is 193 points.
3 - foreign purchases of U.S. securities 132 points.
4 - the balance of trade 129 points.
5 - the current account 127 points.
6 - Sales of durable goods 126 points.
7 - retail sales of 125 points.
8 - The consumer price index 123 points.
9 - Net domestic product 110 points.

In 2006 Valtrtib as follows:

EUR/USD February 16, 2012

 EUR/USD February 16, 2012

Our preference: Merit centers buy far above 1.3105 with targets at 1.3215 and 1.3285.


Main levels




What is Take Profit / Stop loss ?

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What is Take Profit / Stop loss ?

now we have to know what is Take  profit / stop loss :

Take  Profit :
is thats means you choose a point or limit thats your order will stop to it because its your maximum profit you will have .

Stop Loss :
its means you choose a point or limit thats order will stop to because  it its your maximum loss .

we can have more understand with example in buy and sell