Sunday, 12 February 2012

what is forex ?

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what is forex ?

  • Forex is the market thats exist only on the internet thats every trader have an account and its balance .

  • buying and selling in the Forex is not about stocks but its about currencies such as ( usd , chf ) 

  • Forex consider now as the most widely market , and its working 24 hours from Sunday 5 pm to Friday 4 pm timing to eastern new york

  • irs so easy to trade in forex because every one can deal with it , does not need big experience , from any connected (pc , mobile ) must be online , does not requires large money like stock market  u can start with 50 $

  • There is some terminologies that's have to be under stood before any one start to trade ( buy , sell , margin , chart , bid , ask , indicators , stop loss , take profit , volume )

  • premium account can be created by contacting forex agencies lie ( forex yard ,  wall street brokers )

  • the official program for the forex is meta trader

  • we can download it from here

  • now at first we will create a demo account to train how to trade in forex