Sunday, 8 April 2012

Google will provide 5 GB for each user via its Google Drive

World of Google:

Showed a leaked picture of the western sites for Google Drive Talk Android site posted yesterday about Google's intention to give 5 GB free storage space for each user in the cloud Google new service is expected to be under the name of Google Drive.

According to the leaked image on the lips of Google that the service will be free, and can be installed in a few seconds, and then allow the user to store files and documents, and accessed through the desktop calculator or through his mobile phone or his computer tablet (tablet)

The report attributed to sources in Google assurances that the service will start on 16 April next, on this link (currently gives a 404 error message, it seems that he did not prepare for the final after receiving visitors, if true, reports)

Microsoft offers free cloud storage service (Sky Drive) a 25 GB per user, site also offers Drop Box Service likeness grant each user 1 GB free space unlike Google Drive it offers 5 GB space for each user.

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