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Dark history of Amr Soliman

 Dark history of Amr Soliman

Because some people did not know who is Omar Suleiman, inform you of some reliable information ...Roots Omar Suleiman to the province of Qena in the far south of Egypt, was born Omar Suleiman in 1935, and went to Cairo in 1954 was not old has exceeded 19 years to join the military academy, and after graduating sent by Gamal Abdel Nasser, to get advanced training at the Academy of Vrunz military Moscow. And the mid-eighties received bachelor's and master's degree in political science from the University of Ain Shams and Cairo, then took over management of military intelligence, before taking over the presidency of the later of the General Intelligence Presidency, which follows directly.

It seems clear that Washington, at the request of the Jewish state .. Is requested of President Hosni Mubarak (deposed) to appoint Omar Suleiman as his deputy, first as the title for the end of the story of inheritance provocative opinion the Egyptian public, and attempt to calm the anger in the street, and secondly in order to obtain a smooth transition of power in the event of successful endeavor to persuade Mubarak to leave Egypt, which did not occur until this writing. There is no doubt that draws protesters to focus on Mubarak will mean that his departure may already lead to a retreat in the protest pending reforms that may be carried out by Suleiman as the new or transitional country (transition here does not make sense because it will remain until, God willing, or even ousted by a new revolution ).During the long years .. Solomon entered the competition on the line for the presidency through the courtesy of the United States of America in the files that concern them strongly, particularly the Palestinian issue, no doubt that the shift of U.S. policy in the region around Tel Aviv service has contributed to that, where the man received the entire file .. And Wissal and toured, and did not leave a leader of the Israeli left or right except in dialogue with him and a friendship with him, and became the closest to the hearts of Israelis unchallenged.
On the other hand could not Hosni Mubarak (deposed) who wants to inheritance, as well as deals silence on the suppression of the opposition, led by the Muslim Brotherhood .. Could not refuse the survival of Omar Suleiman, master of the situation at this level, without being on the ignorance of the ambition to reach the presidency.
In this regard, Ashraf Omar Suleiman, the Palestinian file in one of the most sensitive stage in recent decades, it is the Israeli side, which gave the opportunity to assassinate Yasser Arafat, without noise, and then the succession passed smoothly to those who tried it the coup, Abbas and Dahlan Kmahmod ..! There is no doubt that this was a follower of efforts to write off Al-Aqsa Intifada, which was a very important station for the Jewish state.
Then Ashraf Suleiman on the rest of the following stations; of the Palestinian legislative elections, the following arrangements for besieged Hamas and its government, to the war on the Gaza Strip, which has struggled Omar Suleiman bitter struggle in order to complete the defeat of comprehensive Hamas, as pressure on the negotiators are crazy for to declare a cease-fire by them to show appearance of the defeated and accept Israeli conditions, failure of which as everyone knows, forcing the Israelis to declare a cease-fire by them.
In the meantime, Omar Suleiman, supervised and follow the path that the consensus of the Israeli representative in the program of temporary state, or the solution transition long-range, and putting pressure on the Palestinian side in order to fulfill its obligations in terms of security cooperation and to stop incitement, as well as the daily work in order to strangle the Gaza Strip Hamas and the domestication of a new discourse on cross-pressures and other forms of blackmail, especially those related to crossing the only sector to the outside world. No need to recall here his role in the gas deal with Israel, although some attributed to Ahmed Ezz, Secretary of the organization of the National Party.

In light of this we can say that the Israelis living concern wait to let them know the outcome of the present moment, and they prefer without doubt that the crisis is over led by Omar Suleiman, especially because they know from their own resources that Hosni Mubarak (due to his health) will not live more than a year or two years , whether he died or is not in a position to continue in office, and here they will find Omar Suleiman, who is a favorite for them, but He is the best of Gamal Mubarak, without a doubt, even if the latter was willing to pay the same benefits in the relationship with them, and the reason that Solomon better able to control the internal situation of it.

 If you ended the uprising of Egyptian in this format (led by Omar Suleiman), then the Israelis are the winners, not only at the Egyptian, which concerned more than anything else, but also at the level of stem the tide of uprisings which will come in the context of despair and frustration if the results this way. Although we can not be certain of this last dimension, but that the masses tend to have their way and I realized I knew the secrets of its power, and will not Tstekin to one after that.

That the Egyptian people, who did not rise for bread only as it goes by many, but rose up for freedom and pluralism, dignity, and protection of the Egyptian national security and care issues of the nation, this great people will not accept the replacement of Hosni Mubarak-old Suleiman, especially that the latter is an essential part of the system that lose the country and the poorest people.

Relationship with Omar Suleiman, a deal to export gas to Israel

«Egyptian today» publishes secret documents to a deal to export gas to Israel and reveal the role of «Solomon»I got the «Egyptian today» the secret documents that reveal the details of a deal to export gas to Israel, which entered into by the Mubarak regime with the entity Hebrew. Dealing with correspondence and documents and correspondence from senior state officials with the Ministry of Petroleum and between Egyptian officials and their Israeli counterparts to facilitate the deal and overcome the obstacles before it. The documents also reveal the central role carried out by Omar Sulaiman, Director General Intelligence former, in the transaction, and the correspondence which took place between Atef Ebeid, former prime minister, outside the context of the conventional and businessman Hussein Salem as head of the company «Gas Eastern Mediterranean» responsible for the gas export , along with other details

Relationship with the Israelis
In an extensive investigation was written by Yossi Melman pending intelligence matters in the newspaper (Hearts), entitled: (Omar Suleiman ... the general who did not shed a tear during Operation Cast Lead).
Omar Suleiman, is known for dozens of senior staff in the Israeli intelligence services, as well as senior officers in the Israeli army, and senior officials in the Ministry of Defence, as well as heads of government and ministers.He adds that since he took office as head of the intelligence service in 1993, it maintains contact with most of the leaders of a permanent Israeli intelligence agencies, and including: the Mossad, and the internal intelligence service (Shin Bet), and the Division of Military Intelligence (Aman).
Mailman and transferred by the Head of the Mossad, former Hbatai recovered that his meetings with Suleiman was sometimes touch on the issues of personality, where he was talking to him about his family and three children and grandchildren.

Blind hatred of the Muslim Brotherhood
Presented and the views of Reuters Omar Suleiman, Vice President of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement, as contained in some U.S. secret documents leaked to the Wikileaks site and the famous Solomon when he was director of intelligence.

This came after the first meeting held by a government official with the representatives of the group was officially banned since 1954 and in the framework of dialogue between government and opposition on the sidelines of protests demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak (deposed).

The Agency presented its report at the beginning of a question about whether the man can (in reference to Solomon) sought to demonize the movement to be an honest broker with them to resolve the current crisis in the country? Is well known that he served as Vice President Director of Intelligence since 1993 and was a right hand of Mubarak in the political, security, sensitive to the same job in a move that followed the outbreak of the largest anti-Mubarak Ahthajat since he took power in 1981.

Before exposure to the content of the statements of Solomon Brothers asked for a comment to Reuters as stated in the telegrams of the U.S. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley, who declined to comment on any cable (classified as confidential).

Solomon stresses - according to a telegram sent by Ambassador Francis Ricciardone on February 15, 2006 - The Brotherhood (Farrakoa 11 organizations including the radical Islamic Jihad organization and the Islamic Group).
In the second telegram, dating back to February 2006 also says Solomon to FBI Director Robert Mueller during his visit to Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood (not a religious organization or social or political party, but they are a combination of the three components).

He says Solomon - by telegraph - that the danger which he sees in the initial group is (use of religion to influence the public and fill).

In a telegram back a third to 2 January 2008 stating that the Solomon Ricciardone considered that Iran is a threat to Egypt exceptional.

He adds that the (Iran supports the Jihad and undermine peace and have already supported the extremists. And if the support of the Muslim Brotherhood it would make them the enemies of us).

In reference to the Egyptian authorities to intimidate the United States from the Muslim Brotherhood Ricciardone said in a telegram prior to the arrival of Muller they have (a history of threatening us Bgoul Muslim Brotherhood).

The Israeli Interior Minister Uzi Baram, former in an article published in the newspaper (Israel today) on the certificate significant attempts to woo Omar Suleiman to the Israelis through the talk about the role played by the Egyptian regime to strike at the Muslim Brotherhood.

He points out that during his visit to Cairo in his capacity as interior minister in 1995, met with the age of Solomon, who described the time as a (right arm) for Mubarak, where Solomon boasted in front of the Egyptian regime in the successful strikes of the Muslim Brotherhood.
He says Suleiman, the Muslim Brotherhood is much stronger than it is perceived in the outside world and was quoted as saying quote: (we cut the day and night in our war against them, in order to stop the growing power, and this is difficult, because the mosques operating in their service), and then spoke in detail about ways in which the system in the fight against (Muslim Brotherhood).

The position of Hamas
Mailman and transferred for Western researchers met with Suleiman as saying that he sees the Hamas movement, just an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood .. And transmits Mlaman from Mark Perry Director (Forum conflict resolution), a forum dedicated to solve the convergence of views between the West and the Islamic movements, where he says Perry: (I met Omar Suleiman far the Palestinian legislative elections won by Hamas, on the sidelines of a lecture organized in a research centers in the U.S. capital Washington, and I asked him whether Hamas, which won the elections just might be the stability of the positive in the Palestinian government, was the response of Solomon definitive and sharp .. not sure, I know these people, they are the Muslim Brotherhood, and they will not change, , they are liars, and the only language that understand, is the force).
Melman says that based on the knowledge of Suleiman the Israelis, it can be said that Solomon did not shed a single tear on hundreds of Palestinians killed during the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip in late 2008.
Enthusiasm for the siege on Arafat
And moves for a Mailman Israeli intelligence chiefs as saying that he had met Solomon when she was at the beginning of the second intifada, as Solomon has suddenly because of the Baker-Hamilton insults Yasser Arafat because he did not listen to his advice to work to stop the uprising .. He added that the commander Suleiman retaliated by Arafat even more revenge, pointing out that when Israel launched a campaign (Operation Defensive Shield) or the separation wall in 2002, contact Arafat Suleiman and Astatafh to intervene Egypt and you make a symbolic expression of the refusal to Israeli behavior, but Solomon ignored Arafat and refused to respond the contacts, allowing the availability of the circumstances that led to the siege on Arafat and the collapse of the power at the time.
Assistance in the war on al Qaeda ..
Mailman and transferred by the leaders of the Israeli intelligence as saying that it is almost certain that Omar Suleiman clearly contributed to the American war on Al Qaeda, where he provided the CIA. Aye. Er investigators to question the Egyptian members of al Qaeda, which made the U.S. intelligence community thank Suleiman and Egyptian Intelligence sees the strategic ally of the United States, is not less than (the Mossad).
And moves the Mailman for a intelligence chiefs Israelis who met Solomon in particular, their impressions of the keenness of Solomon on the pomp and luxury that characterize his own office, or for his behavior, which reflects his view of himself, as this indicates the leader that he was sitting with Solomon in a Cairo hotel, accompanied by officers of large in the U.S. Central Intelligence of the CIA, and suddenly lifting a finger mark Solomon V, if one of his aides come out from somewhere and put a cigar between his fingers.
Bet on the age of Solomon
According to Dr. Meira Tsurev, lecture at the Center (Diane) at the University of Tel Aviv to give Omar Suleiman took office after Mubarak is for the Israeli (continuity of blessing), indicating that the method of the rule of Egypt then it will not change, but only become more lenient and flexible.

Noted British journalist Stephen Grey-winning international awards in investigative journalism to the crimes, Omar Suleiman, cited in his book (Ghost Plane) Ghost Plane, which sits on top of bestseller around the world, during a recent personal with him two days ago from London by Syrian journalist shows . Refers Nizar Nayouf said: (Omar Suleiman, has always been the Egyptian side in dealing with the basic and the CIA, and the basic channel of communication between the administration and Mubarak even in cases not related to intelligence and security).
According to Gray in the book that the choice of Mubarak's Egypt as a way station for torture abductees did not come by chance, in which case a legacy of torture and torture cellars longer in their time talking to the day when the leg activists Abdel Nasser the Egyptian people to Abu Zaabal cells and Lehman Tora. The other feature is the presence of a bloody executioner officer at the head of General Intelligence Omar Suleiman likes to see the murder and physical liquidation with his eyes, and even practice with his hands!
Gray continues by saying, in the June 21, 1995, signed a U.S. President Bill Clinton's presidential direction kidnapping and torture of all suspected of terrorism around the world. Was not on the Sandy Berger (his advisor for National Security Affairs), but to call clients across the world. The first was launched by Berger Egyptian officer named Omar Suleiman. Once the received signal and Washington to extend his men with his fellow Americans to Croatia in September 13, 1995 for the kidnap Talaat Fouad Qassem, to the prison of Abu Zaabal east of Cairo, and then filtered out there, but after the visit (friendly) to the cellars, Omar Suleiman in the General Intelligence!
The former Australian detainee Mamdouh Habib, Omar Suleiman, who was also tortured in person in Cairo, according to Gray, one of the stealth aircraft Venqlth those from Pakistan to the cellars of intelligence Mubarak. And there is a failure in the Solomon force him to confess, it was not in front of the sovereignty of the Vice President only to be killed before his eyes and his Turkmen as if it rescinded a chicken!

Omar Suleiman, Egypt's CIA officerReport of the island
Human rights organizations accuse Major General Omar Suleiman, Vice President Hosni Mubarak and former director of the intelligence service involvement in (and brutal interrogation) of detainees accused of terrorism issues within the program of secret U.S. intelligence agency (CIA. Any).
And clarifies the role of Solomon in the (war on terrorism) relations between the United States and the Egyptian regime, under the past seven days of mass protests and demonstrations calling for a massive drop it.
In an attempt to contain the crisis, he was appointed Vice-President Solomon Egyptian two days ago and commissioned in contact with opposition forces.
Solomon and won praise and praise from Washington after his successful negotiations between Israel and Palestinians and between the Palestinian factions themselves. The U.S. intelligence for a reliable partner for his efforts to counter the threat of Islamist militant groups without hesitation.

And the fruit of the US-Egyptian partnership, Solomon underwent training during the eighties of the last century and at the Institute's John F. Kennedy Center for the wars in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
As the director of intelligence, Solomon built the CIA program to deliver the so-called terror detainees who were transferred to Egypt and other countries where questioning in secret without legal action. Says Jane Mayer, author of (dark side) that Solomon was (a man the CIA in Egypt in this program).
Immediately after assuming the presidency of intelligence, Ashraf Suleiman the agreement with the United States in 1995 allowed the transfer of suspects secretly to Egypt for interrogation, according to the book (stealth aircraft) to the journalist Stephen Grey.
And human rights organizations say that the detainees were subjected to torture and ill-treatment in Egypt and others, accusing the U.S. government of violating its obligations by handing over detainees to the well-known systems such abuses.
Even after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 adopted the CIA, at Solomon to receive detainees, including Ibn Shaykh al-Libi, who believes that Americans may prove to link Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
In his testimony describes U.S. senator in 2006, documenting how a detainee in a cage and hits for hours before the executioners of Egypt in order to pay to confirm the alleged ties between Al Qaeda and Saddam.
He acknowledged the Libyan eventually that the Iraqi regime was preparing to provide al-Qaeda chemical and biological weapons, a confession retracted later but U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and then adopted by the UN in mobilizing support for the invasion of Iraq.
Jerusalem Post: Omar Suleiman, the first Israeli man in Egypt

Omar Suleiman, has become vice-president of Egypt. Step was delayed 30 years did not give them only when Hosni Mubarak is almost sure that its late perhaps, Gamal Mubarak, after he left the country. Suleiman the strongest men of the system and maker «glory», delayed harvest the fruits of his loyalty to the system is limited, and his head, as the constitutional inheritance is no longer deceive the masses of the Nile revolution .. Ernest Khoury
When escaped Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (deposed) of the assassination attempt the famous suffered in 1995, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, must have looked at the Major General Omar Suleiman, who was beside him in a car Almrsidis bullet-proof, and told him what was that Sakavih day on save his life. The major political reward in the Mubarak regime can only be handed over the leadership. Days passed did not appoint Solomon as Vice President (as the next president), that got the move, the day before yesterday, the timing is not ideal for the General Minister, who may not achieve the dream of his life (the transition from a shade stronger in the system, to the most powerful man in which publicly). There is no doubt that Solomon knew that the hopes Mubarak can bequeath his son Gamal prevented his appointment as Vice-President, which was bother him too much, despite the president's knowledge of how the trust that ought to have attached to the leg stronger, as evidenced by documents «Wikileaks» the last, through the testimony the American ambassador Previous to Egypt Frank Richardioni: «Egyptian national Suleiman man, his mission and his main concern only the largest order and protect the life of President .. And loyalty to Mubarak rock solid ».
Omar Mahmoud Suleiman. Name may be his later years the 76 enough to draw a political biography easy with him. Is simply the most powerful man in the system. Stronger after Mubarak? Perhaps! But this theory falls once understood observer biography of Solomon, that when the world is talking about the nature of the work of the Egyptian regime, at home of Egypt and in the way management relations Cairo with Washington and Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Tehran and Damascus, it is intended that machine intelligence tremendous run by the Solomon closely since 1993, and accepted by the military intelligence that brought him to the headquarters of the real system. This is because the General Intelligence Service, is an organization that works all you do «CIA», in addition to the «FBI», and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States .. Therefore, combining all of the following matter to the Egyptian site of Solomon in the Mubarak regime is much larger than the role of the army commander Sami Annan and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.
Suleiman, a descendant of the system par excellence, and the son of all the schools in the intelligence world. Brings his experience of military intelligence between the arts in America and most of the Soviet army troops, from engineering to artillery and intelligence up to the public which has become its president to the post of Minister Extraordinary with Solomon. Experience the taste of his participation in the top 3 wars fought by Egypt: the war in Yemen in 1962 and 1967 and 1973 wars against Israel. Are the same with Israel, which turned people like Solomon, to more than a friend, not even a friend and ally. Perhaps this is what he taught in political science collected by the University of Ain Shams.
Greatest fame in his home-made war, which he spent on «JI» movement «Islamic Jihad» Almbartin in the nineties of the last century, which made him the focus of Mubarak and his confidence in the private and personal to the capitals of the West and Israel.
Perhaps because of the Qena South known Ptdan population, and where the «Youth Qena either the imams of mosques or soldiers», according to the achievement of Mary Ann in the journal «Alotlantek» of America, the man knew very well where to eat shoulder of the Islamists in Egypt, as in the Gaza Strip, including that the Palestinian sector is «an internal Egyptian affair» eyes of Solomon and his regime. Sector is governed by the movement of men «Hamas» Solomon who shows hatred for them as follows: «They are like the Muslim Brotherhood, liars do not benefit them but force». To understand how Washington views to Omar Suleiman, is enough to return to ranked the «Foreign Policy» U.S. to the most powerful men of intelligence: A list led by Suleiman by the President of «Mossad» Meir Dagan, followed by the commander of «Qods Force» in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani Third, the intelligence chief Asif Shawkat, Syrian IV .. Classification is logical since Solomon warned that the U.S. administration, before the 8 days of the occurrence of the events of 11 September 2001, that «Osama bin Laden and his organization are planning something very big against you». Did not hear the warning Arab men loose in English, and got what happened in New York and Washington, and later U.S. administrations convinced that this man is dangerous, and became a deal with him being on this basis.
Not only the U.S. relationship with Suleiman as a compulsory passage, as has become personally, a partner in the war on terrorism, not only in the Arab world, but his advice is taken at the level of this world war. Here is no place for notes former U.S. ambassador to Egypt Edward Walker, which separates the modern magazine «New Yorker» American record of Solomon and his record of torture and violating human rights and public freedoms and private.
Relates to matters Egyptian interior remained confined to files «big», the largest concern of the Islamic, and did not know him until now no inclination to combine the power of security and economic picture of the rest of the pillars of the Mubarak regime, on the grounds that he is responsible for something much larger than the trade deals: Monitoring the level of risk For a military coup, according to «Foreign Policy». Political presence public did not happen until after the 2001, when it came out the first page of the newspaper «Al-Ahram» Government news and pictures of the man place the space allocated to the activities of the President.
All about Egypt's role regionally and internationally tied to him personally; from Palestine and Israel to Sudan and Libya, and Washington, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. No of course not friendly to the Iranian and Syrian regimes, so that «Wikileaks» confessions revealed the space of a thousand men as spies working for the groups of interests in Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq to keep the quality of Iranian interference in Arab affairs under surveillance.
Specialization in the methods of exerting pressure on Syria following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Beirut, and boasted that he received personal commitments from the Syrian leadership to withdraw their forces from Lebanon. Of the total files saved him personally, the Lebanese issue in light of what was narrated from Egyptian intelligence security teams worked in Lebanon over the past years for the benefit of a team in the ranks of the parliamentary majority, «March 14». He even explained to the President of Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen, according to a document «Wikileaks», how supervised the prosecution and arrest «Hizbollah agents» in Egypt in 2009 and that fall, like the smuggling of Iranian arms for «Hamas» and support «the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt », under« Iranian plan to destabilize the region and control », with its emphasis on the American home in front of« necessity Tdwia Tehran eighth behavior, otherwise the Cairo will operate an intelligence inside Iran to beat the system ».
Omar Suleiman, captivating the hearts of journalists and Israeli officials; rarely find a supervisor biography written with him in the Hebrew press, but be filled with a shipment of great emotional about the «man's elegant, with charisma, charming, respectful, polite but firm», who finds himself comfortable with a cigarette in «his royal» in Cairo. Part of respect stems from the Zionist him that «the first Israeli man in Egypt», according to a «Jerusalem Post». Agreement is entered into sale of Egyptian gas to Israel at nominal prices is a close friend of former President for «Mossad», Habbate Chavat, while Egypt suffers economic misfortune and a rise in energy prices. Relations with more than one document with all officers of Israel: From «Mossad» and the «Shin Bet» and Army Intelligence. Palestine and Israel knows more than anyone else in the world, according to Israeli professor Eli Carmon. The first movement of his enemy «Hamas» since it a natural extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. His machine is trained and still train Palestinian security forces of the Palestinian Authority. Maker six months truce between Israel and Hamas, which ended on 19 December 2008. Boasted that he had insulted Yasser Arafat more than anyone else after the second intifada, when he refused to even express annoyance Egypt from the siege of Yasser Arafat in Ramallah in his district and the massacre of Jenin. A. After the death (or assassination) Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, most governments according to the station «CNN». The first is the negotiator between the «Hamas» Tel Aviv, in politics and Agn and Gilad Shalit and the blockade of Gaza and starving its people through the closure of the Rafah crossing.
The achievement of the newspaper «Los Angeles Times», stated that the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser was the military describes the payment from which he graduated Omar Suleiman as «anti-communist», and therefore their personnel assigned to sensitive duties. If the man with many «qualities», which filled his political career, but all that may not be enough to Solomon to rule «Heliopolis» one day. No. 1328 Monday January 31, 2011

Zionist media pay attention to a remarkable set the "friend of Israel," deputy Mubarak
Media showed a significant interest in the issue of Zionism appointment of Minister Omar Suleiman (Director of the Egyptian intelligence service) as Vice-President Hosni Mubarak, while some expressed satisfaction with the chosen specifically to hold the position, in particular that (a friend of pro-Israel), as described .. And proceeded some radio stations and Hebrew newspapers to publish a summary of the life of Suleiman the political, it has caught the newspaper Maariv newspaper on Sunday (30/1), to look at the role of Vice-Mubarak, the most important positions key in some matters (private and sensitive), particularly those in which the entity a party .. According to the report by the newspaper; the Omar Suleiman, is (a secret trust) for Mubarak and (a friend supporter) for the entity, and recently worked as envoy for (private affairs) in several important issues at the regional level and the Palestinian Kalmsalehh Palestinian and file (swap) between the Government Zionism and Hamas.

And launched the newspaper on the title of Solomon (Minister of Foreign Affairs sensitive), according to his role in the management of the Palestinian file, the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, and his efforts at that time in an effort to realize the truce between the Palestinian and the Zionist .. The newspaper praised the B (efforts) of Solomon in the release of the captive soldier, Zionist Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza, Gilad Shalit, and commended the role (not simple) in this area.

It is noteworthy that the age of Solomon (75 years) and holds the rank (the banner) is currently the Minister of Intelligence and the President of the General Intelligence - formerly - which is described as a (terrible device in Egypt).

Omar Suleiman, scandals in the results of the referendum ...

Media reports have revealed the secrets of sudden rise in the ratio of the Military Council poll on potential candidates for the presidency, and the associated Bagafz vote in favor of the former vice president Omar Suleiman, of the order in the seventh to the presumed frontrunner.
Militias electronic
Newspaper (The Egyptian Today), that there are militias electronic contributed to change the outcome of the vote, and made for that e-mail to voters, and who described Bmzurin used email forged, and the creation of fake accounts on social networking site (Facebook) to vote in favor of Solomon.
The newspaper also published on its website photographic depiction of voters who are using a counterfeit coffee shops led by businesswoman in her forties, the newspaper said it is close to Omar Suleiman, and manages the voting process engineers from the apartment. She added that Ms. pounds were paid for every one voted for former CIA Director, who took office as vice president during the revolution of the previous 25 January, and it was paid 100 pounds for every 100 fake e-mail account.
The Supreme Council of the armed forces was launched on 19 June referendum included a number of public figures who announced her candidacy or the characters that have been nominated by the Egyptian people and the media to be completed the survey on July 19 initially, but the poll continued after this date without declaring Council for a certain period.Included Menu 15 names, including Mohamed ElBaradei, former president of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and Ahmed Shafiq former Prime Minister, and Ayman Nour, founder of the party tomorrow, and Hisham Bastawisi, and media Kamel, the Islamic thinker Muhammad Salim Al-Awa, and Amr Moussa, the former Secretary General of the League of Arab States.
During the recently observed that the electronic voting in favor of Omar Suleiman, jumped from seventh place to first in only 45 days, and reduced the difference between him and ElBaradei from 60 to 32 thousand votes.
Observers believe that the forces of counter-revolution is the formation of militias tried to auction, in order to tip the Omar Suleiman, who is considered more faces of presidential candidate was close to the former regime. He adds observers that the scandal of a referendum the junta revealed the existence of a qualitative change in the plan of the remnants of the former regime to eliminate the gains of the Revolution, when expanded attempts to counter-revolution than just deliberately spread chaos and terror in the country to use social networking sites on the web, to influence public opinion in Egypt, especially the youth, who make up the majority of those who use the Web site.

The oldest of the military junta to the deletion of the referendum which was launched on his official social networking site to deny any attempt to link him with the results of the referendum, especially after what has been rumored to support the military leadership to the Minister of the former intelligence, were raised in more than one occasion raised questions about the impact of Omar Suleiman, the the military junta governing the country now.
American journalist and writer Montaigne, Thomas believes that the chances of Solomon in the upcoming presidential election has become weak, pointing out that his past has contributed a lot in it. The American journalist in a newspaper article (Guardian) Alaratria that Solomon was a man and the CIA when you want to do dirty work in the Middle East as well as being a link with Israel, and he was in contact with the Mossad on a daily basis.
He (Montaigne) that Solomon's notorious because of the imposition of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, and pointed to Omar Suleiman was an assistant chief of the Mafia and the port with the instructions of Mubarak, and reached his reputation to the invention of ways of how to torture in interrogations for intelligence.
He noted that the American writer to each member of the military junta that toppled Mubarak, had reached the position of the seal of the military junta's new Solomon. While they may hate (Minister secret), but he can expect that the leaders of the junta know that if they want to avoid ending their careers and standing in the dock in the Egyptian court (they should stand together and only together would suspend all separately).

The role of "Solomon" in the promotion of cooperation lie President Saddam Hussein's rule with the investigation revealed a survey published in Italy that Omar Suleiman, Egypt's intelligence chief, Vice Hosni Mubarak, is a fabricated lie cooperation of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the martyr with al Qaeda, a charge public opinion justified the decision of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq ..!
Newspaper (Alchoriera della Sera) The Italian also revealed that Solomon is the one who fabricated the charge of belonging to Sheikh Abu Omar Al Qaeda, and took his abduction from Italy and handed over to the Americans, who reached the invalidity of the indictment .. And much of slandering the slaves of Allah ..U.S. media dug up are other recent past black, Omar Suleiman, the expression here is not me, but for the newspaper (Alchoriera della Sera) of Italy in today's edition February 3, 2011, has dug up last bad for the head of Egyptian intelligence, who became two days before the Vice-President of the Republic after the appointment of Mubarak to him this week.
According to media sources, an American that Omar Suleiman was running, commissioned by the CIA CIA, program EXTRAORDENARY RENDITION, a program that began in 1995, which the United States under which the arrest or abduction of people accused of terrorism and they convert them to different countries where suffered there in secret prisons of severe torture, and the United States wants to extract information of them were useful in wars in the Gulf, and later in Afghanistan.
In Egypt, according to U.S. sources are many, have been transferred more than 70 people from those alleged terrorists, including Imam Abu Omar - the imam of a mosque in Milan in Italy - and who was abducted in February of 2003 where a group of men the CIA access to the city of Milan, without the knowledge of the Italian government officially, and in agreement with the Italian Prime Minister personally (Silvio Berlusconi) and the head of Italian intelligence SISMI, where they kidnapped the Imam of the mosque from the street and drugged and taken to the airport, Linate, according to intelligence sources Italian, and then loaded on a private jet and transferred to Egypt, where he has to instruct Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian intelligence service, and tortured him to extract confessions from him.
It was found later that the imam Abu Omar did not belong to any terrorist organization could not Omar Suleiman, to extract from him any important information, which prompted the United States of America to demand of the Egyptian intelligence service to his release after years of torture, but insisted that the Italian judiciary The story came to light after the investigation of the incident, despite the opposition of the Italian Prime Minister that this is detrimental to Italian security and national interests supreme in Italy.
The assigned magistrate Italian police searching for how they came out and after many meetings issued an Italian judge charge of the case to prison terms on a number of intelligence officers, U.S. and Italian, as House debate and heated arguments between political circles and the security of Italy, where sources said news that the Italian judge had insisted on issuance of an arrest warrant for Omar Suleiman, on charges of assault on the freedom of others, and one count of kidnapping of the Italian public streets and torture, but the intervention of the Italian President strongly and prevent the issuance of that note.
He has Omar Suleiman, in cooperation with the intelligence services other Arab for the same purpose, sources say U.S. media that the stories that indicate the extent to which the relationship between Omar Suleiman and the U.S. intelligence community that when the American troops in Afghanistan to kill people thought that Ayman al-Zawahiri, asked Omar Suleiman that compares the DNA of the body and the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri in Egypt to make sure the identity of the dead .. Replied Omar Suleiman: (If you want you can send one of my brother, al-Zawahiri and you are doing scans DNA).
Also when he was arrested (Sheikh / Libya) in Afghanistan, U.S. forces sent to Egypt's Omar Suleiman, and asked (CIA) of Omar Suleiman, to extract confessions from him as a senior al Qaeda members, and that there are ties between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein at the time .. In the end, and under severe torture admitted the man, including a request to recognize it, and sent confessions to the (CIA) in America has been passed to the (Colin Powell), which is used as information documented in the United Nations to justify the attack on and occupation of Iraq, has made Omar Suleiman, one of the most important justification for the invasion of Iraq was a great benefit to the Americans, it is understood today that the United States is pushing to be the next president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, the man (CIA) strong in the region.

By John Mayer:Omar Suleiman, is a potential new names for the presidency of Egypt, which in reality is not new for anyone to follow U.S. policy in renditions of terrorism suspects.After the dissolution of the government and the appointment of a new government, appointed by President Mubarak, Omar Suleiman (headEgyptian intelligence) as his deputy, making him a potential presidential faces .. Omar Suleiman, is a person who is well known in Washington, where he worked for years as a channel of communication between key Mubarak and the United States.While that may have the reputation of loyalty and effectiveness for some people, it also has a lot of controversial issues, especially for those looking for a clean record in the field of human rights.
As I described in my book (the dark side):Omar Suleiman, the head of Egyptian intelligence since 1992 and as such has become a way the CIA CIA in Egypt for the activation of the rendition program, which is the Central Intelligence Agency of America through kidnapping suspected terrorists from around the world and deported to Egypt and other countries for questioning, ways and brutal.
Stephen Gray and address in more detail in his book (Ghost Plane): Suleiman was negotiating directly with senior officials in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and all the renditions take the green light from the highest levels in both parties CIA and Egyptian intelligence.
He described Edward Walker - a former U.S. ambassador in Egypt - Omar Suleiman as a (very bright and realistic too), adding that he was aware that there is a negative aspect reflected by the suffering of the Egyptians of torture, etc., which was not Solomon sensitive about it.
Technically ..! U.S. law requires the CIA to obtain assurances from Egypt was not suspected of torture, but in the presence of Omar Suleiman, Egypt's intelligence as there is no value to any of those guarantees.
As Michael Scheuer - former officer in the CIA contributed to the rendition program - in his testimony before Congress: even if the word (guarantees) written in indelible ink that is with almost no value.
More documents about the role of Omar Suleiman in the rendition shown by Ron Suskind book (the doctrine of one percent) .. Catherine Hawkins (lawyer, her insight in the field of human rights, which prepared the legal research for my book) suggests that, according to Suskind: Omar Suleiman was the means of the CIA in the rendition of suspected links to al-Qaeda and known as the (Libyan), which was the cause of controversial; given they played an important role in justifying the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
In late November 2001, the Pakistani authorities to arrest (Libya) and handed him over to U.S. Msalin in the base (Bagram) Air in Afghanistan for questioning .. There was questioned by two FBI agents in New York and work for two years on the issues of terrorism and expressed their belief that they attain great progress in getting valuable information from (Libyan), but once the war broke outThe other between the CIA and FBI about the eligibility of any of them in the interrogation of (Libyan). And ended the dispute between George Mueller (Director of the FBI) ​​and George Tenet (Director CIA) George Tenet's victory as it relates to a direct relationship with Bush and Cheney.
Were deported (Libyan) to Egypt, blindfolded and handed over to Omar Suleiman, head of Egyptian intelligence, Tenet, and a friend. And what happened to Libby in Egypt has been documented in detail in a report issued in 2006 from the Committee on Intelligence U.S. Senate.
According to the report:(Libyan) tells the CIA recently that the Egyptian authorities resented the amount of cooperation with them arose him imprisoned in a small cage for 80 hours and then had him after that and threw him to the ground and continued to hit it for 15 minutes and the officials pressing him to admit that he knows bin Laden personally and to confirm the claim management Bush that there is a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, in particular, wanted him to admit that the Iraqis were supplying al Qaeda with weapons of biological and chemical .. As appears from the investigation that the Egyptians were working according to the wishes of the will of America, which wanted to document his case for going to war on Iraq, and gave them what they wanted at the end of the day under the influence of coercion.

Details Libyan recognition were the focus of a speech, Deputy Secretary of State Colin Powell, who presented before the United Nations in February 2003 to declare war on Iraq.After several years did not result in the U.S. invasion in which the presence of any weapons of mass destruction or any link between Saddam and al Qaeda, the Libyan retreat from his confession .. When the FBI asked him why lie, blamed the brutality of the Egyptian intelligence in dealing with him, has mentioned Michael Laskov and David Korn in their book (Pride) has said that the Libyan letter (they kill me I have) (had to tell them something higher).
Despite predictions of melancholy that prevail we have, the only hope you cherish is to be interpreted things in the end to the age of Solomon, The experience of the relationship between us and this guy makes us believe that the relations between us and Egypt during his reign will be more firmly established than it was in the Mubarak era, this Words commented Dan Meridor and Minister of Intelligence in the Israeli government in an interview with Israel Radio on 01.30.2011 .. This statement is joined to a large number of Israeli official statements that emphasize that Solomon took office in Cairo is a supreme Israeli interest.



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