Monday, 5 March 2012

USD/CHF 5 March

U.S. Dollar Swiss Franc: Close pair at elevations of good for a third day in a row during the trading session of Friday, taking advantage of maintaining the U.S. dollar on most of its gains weekly, but not to forget the alarm that a bullish reversal is still not complete, either in front of the franc Aobagy major currencies, and therefore, caution will remain the duty with each test a new one the following main lines of resistance. 


Technically, since the formation of the pair of Hall duo about 0.8930, it is maintained on the course I got a stable and quiet enabled him to close the highest level of the pivotal 0.9100 With the beginning of the new week, the dollar francs would be on the threshold of resistance to critical about 0.9170, which represents the level of Almovinj 200 on the requirement of four hours with barrier correction 38.2% to Trend Vebo main landing which start near the 0.9600 level in January last, as well as the falling trend line resistance of the same region. The highest fraction of that region will lead the pair towards 0.9200 level, which will stabilize above at least a chance to start maiden attempts to target the most important lines of resistance, particularly at the pivotal 0.9300 level, which in turn represents the fulcrum of the recent decline.

 On the other hand, the return to the bottom of bilateral trading without the previous inspiration pivot of 0.9080 will weaken the positive upward correction model and sets the current level of psychological 0.900 Next target will break down an additional confirmation on the end of the current wave of recovery
S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R30.9106 0.9117 0.9124 0.9135 0.9146 0.9153 0.9164

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