Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lebanese in the UAE, buy the first version of the new iPad ... for $ 300,000!!

Having bought already the first version of the iPad 2, and phone iPhone 4 S, returned the Lebanese, who lives in Dubai, alias Fadi Flat - White, and bought the first copy ever of the new generation of Tablet Apple's famous iPad new, compared to $ 300,000!!
News, published by himself, which confirms that the site panarabiaenquirer Fadi already pay this amount to Apple to keep a copy of the first new iPad, and the estimated amount that he paid about 500 times the original price, which cost him the device.


The Web site quoted the buyer as saying: "He does not know how it will shape the content of the iPad is a new," may be a size large, or that the duration of battery life does not exceed 10 seconds, so it is possible to be similar to the iPad 2, with little difference very in size, differing in how to write on the box outside, but I really wish that I get it before anyone else. "
He explained his passion for Fadi's acquisition of the first Apple products always paying all this money, saying: "I would like to show my love of others finished to Steve Jobs - founder of Apple, and I will continue to buy all that is produced by his company, no matter how long it takes."
It was Tim Cook, chief executive of the company, has unveiled its latest Apple products on the seventh of last March, the new iPad, scheduled to be in the market, on the nineteenth of this month.

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