Friday, 9 March 2012

GBP/USD 9 March 2012 British Pound Sterling to us Dollar

GBP/USD 9 March 2012 British Pound Sterling to us Dollar

GBP/USD: record cable gains an average of the trading session yesterday and that with the passage of Resolution British interest without adverse effects after keeping the central bank on its monetary policy unchanged, can be the GBP to catch up with the rest of his fellow Europeans, who reversed the Msarthm last bearish against the U.S. dollar by the recent positive developments in scene sovereign debt of the euro area.

 Technically and in view of the condition of the four hours we see the formation of the pair for several peaks forming consecutive around the level of 1.5830, which puts resistance cousin and also a key in the long daily may be necessary to confirm fracture Top restore the position of the pair the highest level of 50% Vebo to correct the wave of retreat final between 1.5990-1.5694 and when 1.5842, and we believe that the level of correction at the next Pivot axle 1.5880 resistance would represent the most importance, 

both in its ability to contain the wave of the current recovery, or an emphasis on restoration of the former uptrend broken top and opened the way again towards the level of psychological .1.600 on the other side, the determination to maintain the vitality of the Ascension this will require cohesion support level of 1.5810, which is supposed to provide strong support as a gathering of lines Almovinj 200 on the condition daily and hour and counterpart Almovinj 100 on the requirement of four hours as well as being a patch level 38.2% Vebo Trend landing mentioned fracture without this region may not deny quite bullish, but the validity of the expectation that he would deliver attention to the former resistance around 1.5760, which opens the way to overcome re-targeting the support lines around and below the pivotal 1.5700.


S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.5649 1.5687 1.5758 1.5796 1.5867 1.5905 1.5976

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