Monday, 5 March 2012

GBP/USD 5 March

GBP/USD: down cable sharply in the trading session Friday, losing about 150 points of Qmmh daily that had been recorded at the point 1.5964 in early trade, after failing a supportive environment in general for the U.S. dollar to provide the opportunity for the pound to continue its recent gains, though it was the best performers during the trading week, which break through the top of his opponents in the main near-term, up to the tops of the annual threshold of a new psychological level of 1.600.

 Technically, we have bearish signals may suggest a reflection path pair in the short term, but remains wanted more emphasis signals bearish is to break the rising trend line from Bottoms annual 1.5230 accompanied by falling under the pressure lines Almovinj key requirement time, especially the line 200 and who is currently around the level of 1.5860, which of supposed to represent the resistance, especially with the nearby road paralleled with a patch level Vebo 38.2% for the rise between 1.5643 -1.5990.

 Confirmation referred to will be the need to break important support in at 1.5814, which represents the support lines Almovinj 20 and 200 on the condition daily and also barrier correction of 50% Vebo of Trend-mentioned fracture without that region with the daily closing below the pivotal 1.5800 outweigh the configuration of the top trading temporarily may require the at least re-test lows under the main pivot level 1.5700.


S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.5814 1.5831 1.5841 1.5857 1.5874 1.5884 1.5900

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