Thursday, 1 March 2012

GBP/USD 1 march


GBP/USD: rose cable strongly in trading Wednesday to record its highest level in more than three and a half months at the top of yesterday's 1.5990, after that enabled him to stability since the beginning of the trading week in the top-level domain for the consolidation of monthly near 1.5900 to achieve maximum benefit from improved market sentiment principled soon the announcement of the bank financing of the European Central Bank. neutral reactions Alahakh and recovered U.S. currency as well as signals Zruh buying pressure on the pair to fall and still be relatively stable so far, 

the highest level of the pivotal 1.5900. Technically, the pair has a number of support lines developed, which qualifies stability Top or cohesion on the face of an attempt correction downward current to keep the tone upward existing, the first of these subsidies are located at the annual summit of previous 1.5927 followed by the support trend line onto the last of the bottoms monthly 1.5643 and so on 1.5880. to stay top of this important technical levels remain on the opportunities in the pair to jump higher psychological level 1. 600, which represents the resistance and the nearby main objectives if we are to break a real technician will be at the bilateral summit last November to around 1.6090, followed by the top of the previous month at 1.6164.
S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.5783 1.5839 1.5878 1.5934 1.5973 1.6029 1.6068

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