Saturday, 3 March 2012

full report about hyundai philstar 2012

hyundai philstar specifications

- 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.6 liter generates horsepower of 138 hp Front and gearboxes (transmission) rates of 6 hand or dual-clutch 6 ratios of torque between 4850 to 6300 d. D

- There are several systems / ESP - VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) - ABS-EBD. With six airbags and recorded ten CDs and 8 speakers and insulting Laufer and entrances iPod and USB Drives, the car containing 3 doors


- Big wheels (18 inches) and light weight is 200 kilos
- And includes a whole new Velostr system developed by Hyundai recently named (Blolenk) provides services for navigation and search for the places and rescue after an accident collision, support and support from the offices of World Hyundai in each country

Technical Specifications
Basic Engine 1.6-liter / 4 cylinder / 135 hp
Payment system in front of me
Transmission 6-speed manual / 6 speed to
Length 422
Display 179
Height 140
Wheelbase 264
Weight of the car as a 200 c
Fuel tank capacity 50


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