Friday, 9 March 2012

EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to us Dollar

 EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to us Dollar

Euro Dollar: rose pair in trading session Thursday to its highest level during this week, at the point 1.3290 with the support of the case for cautious optimism that prevailed in the market since the end of trading yesterday under the influence of the increasing positive outlook on Greece's ability to complete the agreement swap sovereign debt according to the ratio required by the and international partners Alaurbin before passing their aid awaited them.  

Although he was expected to see the roof of the wave of recovery of current at least until a recognized full details of the scene present, but the negative U.S. Unemployment Data successfully is the other to stimulate profit-taking and provided the opportunity for the U.S. dollar in the curb as much of its losses, even in a limited way. Installation of the European Central Bank interest rate on the euro at 1% was an additional factor to support the single currency, especially as the statements of Governor Draghi at the press conference the most entitled to the rate decision included references to the risk of inflation, the current result of high oil prices, a sign, understand the market traditionally as a barriers approach to expansion Despite the reaffirmation Draghi risk economic slowdown due to the sovereign debt.

 Technically and in spite of containing the patch level 50% Vebo Trend landing Monthly between the annual summit of 1.3484 and bottoms final at 1.3095 and that about 1.3290 to try to climb everyday, but we have a number of positive signs,

the first of stability, the highest line key support includes level Almovinj daily 200 on the requirement of four hours at 1.3205 surmounted by the level of correction Phipponchy 38.2% of the trend mentioned at 1.3240 as well as the barrier reflects the success of the pair to break the negative peaks decreasing the time frames, Ltd. which is what might open the way after the confirmation of the seriousness of this fracture upward re-test the level mentioned as support Newcomer, the road towards the target peaks following around the 1.3355 barrier where the following correction Vebo 61.8%. Beyond that region is likely to end the wave of recent decline and opens the way towards re-targeting of the annual summits near the central level 1.3500.  

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.3022 1.3078 1.3177 1.3233 1.3332 1.3388 1.3487

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