Monday, 5 March 2012

EUR/USD 5 March

Euro-dollars: the husband is under the impact of selling pressure double in trading last week plunged its Qmmh annual near the level of 1.3500 to the bottom of a new monthly without pivot level 1.3200, both on the part of the program of bank lending, adopted by the European Central Bank, known as the LTRO, which did not succeed in providing support The single currency has been generally regarded as some sort of quantitative easing in the evaluation of what has been the large number of banks and financial institutions that benefited from the program on the grounds that some sort of continuing tension in the bank credit market in the euro zone.

 The other factor represents the pressure in Ben Bernanke's comments and understand that to exclude any possibilities for the imminent resumption of the policy of quantitative easing, which gave him the green currency in general. Technically, the pair now on the threshold of support line a key in the considerations of the short term is represented by level 1.3160 ​​where the combination of being a line Almovinj pivot 200 on the requirement of four hours and also support the rising trend line from the bottom of February 1.2973, as well as its proximity to the barrier correction 61.8% Vebo Trend rise between said bottom and top current .1.3485 without fracture would mean that the region is likely to retest the pivotal support lines around the level of 1.300.  

On the other hand, the husband's ability to re-positioning in a stable higher level and then 1.3200 would be preferable to close the top of the 1.3230 resistance level retest 1.3300 may be significantly more likely at least to bring to the bullish momentum before the resumption of the remaining land.


S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.3167 1.3183 1.3192 1.3207 1.3223 1.3232 1.3247

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