Thursday, 1 March 2012

EUR/USD 1 March

EUR/USD 1 March 

Euro Dollar:Euro-dollars: down husband in trading yesterday to its lowest level in about a week at the point 1.3333, after the announcement of the details of the second package of the program of the European Central Bank to finance the banks, known as short as LTRO for 3 years, generally within market expectations despite an increase in the number of financial institutions, the recipient of it, and despite the limited pressure that caused the U.S. dollar, 

especially against commodity currencies, but it did not provide significant support for the euro could break the resistance of the current annual summits. U.S. dollar also found additional support from a positive GDP reading the review in the last quarter of last year, and also Ben Bernanke's comments, which did not contain new in relation to possible return soon to quantitative easing program. On the condition four hours annex note signals Matin first is the bilateral summit about 1.3480 and the other is to break the support of the rising trend line from Bottoms monthly 1.2973 and will focus primarily on the support area Home, which represents the resistance area and summits previous annual between 1.3300 and 1.3320 to contain the region to declines pair will remain bias in the whole upward with the advantage relative to watch a period of consolidation in the fraction below would signal a preliminary to a reversal downward in the short term be confirmed after the removal of the support level Almovinj 100 on the condition of four hours and when 1.3240 is Maitwazy with patch level 50% Vebo Trend landing from the summit on November last year. Moving clock 200 provides support for the near daily lows near the road and we could see the accelerating pace of decline is stronger if the re-pair test of 1.3400 and to make sure of it becoming resistant to close.
S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.3092 1.3203 1.3263 1.3374 1.3434 1.3545 1.3605

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