Friday, 9 March 2012

AUD/USD 9 march 2012 Australian dollar to US dollar

 AUD/USD 9 march 2012 Australian dollar to US dollar

Australian dollar U.S. dollar climbed pair to its highest level in about two days at Thursday's summit 1.0667 and with the apparent decline in the performance of the U.S. dollar due to improved market sentiment and gains observed in commodity markets and stocks and that before Ihgmeha high subsidies the U.S. unemployment to some extent keeping the currencies of goods consolidation in the department without the daily peaks and has been backed by top lines of previous resistance. For the husband,

 the stability of the highest level 1.0600, which like the roof top of the consolidation of a recent fall is given a positive signal for the cohesion of the determination of the current rise and the confirmation of reversal is positive quo and further weaken the scenario of the resumption of land may be subject to override the resistance, the most important of 1.0680-1.0700, which represents the level of 50% Vebo to correct the recent wave of 1.0854-1.0507 decline in the level of Almovinj provides daily 20 and 200 clock ceiling as well as the fact that the upper level market price reached 1.0700 barrier important in itself.

 Fraction higher these levels convey interest directly to the patch level the following were more significant than 61.8% at the level of 1.0720, before the open the way to level the central .1.0800 on the other side, the broken support Almovinj 20 on condition Time (currently at 1.0620) may be a sign of a preliminary double the model this correction may open the way towards the bottom next target 1.0585, which could signal the end of the current bullish correction towards the re-testing key support at the important 1.0500.

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.0420 1.0476 1.0558 1.0614 1.0696 1.0752 1.0834

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