Saturday, 31 March 2012

ANALYSIS STOCK TRENDS, Chapter 4, The Dow Theory In Practice


Robert D. Edwards
John Magee

Chapter 3

The Dow Theory

At this point, the reader, if he has little previous knowledge of
the stock market, may be suffering a mild attack of mental indigestion.
The Dow Theory is a pretty big dose to swallow at one

We departed deliberately in the foregoing chapter from the
order in which its principles are usually stated, in an effort to make
it a little easier to follow and understand. Actually, not all of the
twelve tenets we named are of equal import.

 The essential rules are
contained in 2, 3,4, 5, 8,10 and 11. Number 1 is, of course, the basic
assumption, the philosophical justification for these rules. The
other points (6, 7, 9, and 12) furnish "background material," as the
news reporters might put it, which aid in interpretation. Theoretically,
one should, by strict adherence to the essential rules alone,
accomplish just as much as he could with the added collateral

But the utilization of Dow Theory is, after all, a matter of interpretation.
You may memorize its principles verbatim and yet be
confounded when you attempt to apply them to an actual market

Monday, 26 March 2012

EUR/NZD Euro to New Zealand dollar 26 March 2012

 EUR/NZD  Euro to New Zealand dollar 26 March 2012
Close(SL) Sell EUR/NZD 1.62515
 Loss:-40 pips

NZD/USD New Zealand dollar to US dollar 26 March 2012

 NZD/USD  New Zealand dollar to  US dollar 26 March 2012
Sell NZD/USD 0.82040

Thursday, 22 March 2012

AUD/NZD Australian dollar to New Zealand dollar 23 March 2012

 AUD/NZD  Australian dollar to New Zealand dollar 23 March 2012
Close(SL) Buy AUD/NZD 1.28232 
Loss:-40 pips

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GBP/USD 13 March 2012 British pound to us dollar

GBP/USD 13 March 2012 British pound  to us dollar
Close(SL) Sell GBP/USD 1.56799 
Loss:-40 pips

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Having bought already the first version of the iPad 2, and phone iPhone 4 S, returned the Lebanese, who lives in Dubai, alias Fadi Flat - White, and bought the first copy ever of the new generation of Tablet Apple's famous iPad new, compared to $ 300,000!!
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AUD/USD 13 March 2012 Australian dollar to us dollar

 AUD/USD 13 March 2012 Australian dollar to us dollar
Buy AUD/USD 1.05319 

Monday, 12 March 2012

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AUD/USD 12 March 2012 Australian dollar to us dollar

 AUD/USD 12 March 2012 Australian dollar to us dollar
Close(TP) Sell AUD/USD 1.04840 
Profit: 196 pips

Friday, 9 March 2012

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AUD/CAD 9 March 2012 Australian dollar to Canadian dollar

 AUD/CAD 9 March 2012  Australian dollar to Canadian dollar
sell AUD/CAD 1.04792  

AUD/JPY 9 March 2012 Australian Dollars to Japanese Yen

 AUD/JPY 9 March 2012 Australian Dollars to Japanese Yen
Close(TP) Buy AUD/JPY 87.568 
 Profit: 79 pips

AUD/USD 9 march 2012 Australian dollar to US dollar

 AUD/USD 9 march 2012 Australian dollar to US dollar

Australian dollar U.S. dollar climbed pair to its highest level in about two days at Thursday's summit 1.0667 and with the apparent decline in the performance of the U.S. dollar due to improved market sentiment and gains observed in commodity markets and stocks and that before Ihgmeha high subsidies the U.S. unemployment to some extent keeping the currencies of goods consolidation in the department without the daily peaks and has been backed by top lines of previous resistance. For the husband,

GBP/USD 9 March 2012 British Pound Sterling to us Dollar

GBP/USD 9 March 2012 British Pound Sterling to us Dollar

GBP/USD: record cable gains an average of the trading session yesterday and that with the passage of Resolution British interest without adverse effects after keeping the central bank on its monetary policy unchanged, can be the GBP to catch up with the rest of his fellow Europeans, who reversed the Msarthm last bearish against the U.S. dollar by the recent positive developments in scene sovereign debt of the euro area.

EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to us Dollar

 EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to us Dollar

Euro Dollar: rose pair in trading session Thursday to its highest level during this week, at the point 1.3290 with the support of the case for cautious optimism that prevailed in the market since the end of trading yesterday under the influence of the increasing positive outlook on Greece's ability to complete the agreement swap sovereign debt according to the ratio required by the and international partners Alaurbin before passing their aid awaited them.  

EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to Us Dollar

EUR/USD 9 March 2012 Euro to Us Dollar
Sell EUR/USD 1.31274 




The Advance/Decline Line ("A/D Line") is undoubtedly the most widely used measure of market breadth. It is a cumulative total of the Advancing-Declining Issues indicator. When compared to the movement of a market index (e.g., Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500, etc) the A/D Line has proven to be an effective gauge of the stock market's strength.


The A/D Line is helpful when measuring overall market strength. When more stocks are advancing than declining, the A/D Line moves up (and vice versa).
Many investors feel that the A/D Line shows market strength better than more commonly used indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ("DJIA") or the S&P 500 Index. By studying the trend of the A/D Line you can see if the market is in a rising or falling trend, if the trend is still intact, and how long the current trend has prevailed.
Another way to use the A/D Line is to look for a divergence between the DJIA (or a similar index) and the A/D Line. Often, an end to a bull market can be forecast when the A/D Line begins to round over while the DJIA is still trying to make new highs. Historically, when a divergence develops between the DJIA and the A/D Line, the DJIA has corrected and gone the direction of the A/D Line.
A military analogy is often used when discussing the relationship between the A/D Line and the DJIA. The analogy is that trouble looms when the generals lead (e.g., the DJIA is making new highs) and the troops refuse to follow (e.g., the A/D Line fails to make new highs).
The following chart shows the DJIA and the A/D Line.


Table 2      
Date    Advancing    Declining    A-D    A/D Line      
02/15/94    1198    882    316    316       316
02/16/94    1183    965    218    534       534
02/17/94    882    1251    -369    165      165
02/18/94    706    1411    -705    -540    -540
02/22/94    1139    1003    136    -404    -404

Because the A/D Line always starts at zero, the numeric value of the 

Because the A/D Line always starts at zero, the numeric value of the A/D Line is of little importance. What is important is the slope and pattern of the A/D Line.

NZD/USD 9 March New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar

 NZD/USD 9 March New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar

CAD/CHF 9 Marcxh 2012 Canadian Dollar to Swiss Franc

CAD/CHF 9 Marcxh 2012 Canadian Dollar to  Swiss Franc

Buy CAD/CHF 0.91910 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

ANALYSIS STOCK TRENDS, Chapter 3 , The Dow Theory


Robert D. Edwards
John Magee

Chapter 3

The Dow Theory

 The Dow Theory is the granddaddy of all technical market
studies. Although it is frequently criticized for being "too
late," and occasionally derided (particularly in the early stages of a Bear Market) by those who rebel at accepting its verdicts, it is known by name to nearly everyone who has had any association with the stock market, and respected by most. Many who heed it in greater or lesser degree in determining their investment policies never realize that it is purely and simply "technical." It is built upon and concerned with nothing but the action of the stock market itself (as expressed in certain "averages"), deriving nothing from the business statistics on which the fundamentalists depend.


GBP/USD 7 march 2012 British Pound to United States Dollar

GBP/USD 7 march 2012 British Pound to United States Dollar
Sell GBP/USD 1.57501

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

GBP/CAD 6 March 2012 British Pound to Canadian Dollar

 GBP/CAD 6 March 2012 British Pound to Canadian Dollar

Close(SL) Buy GBP/CAD 1.57393 

 Loss:-40 pips

NZD/JPY 6 march 2012 Euro to Yen

NZD/JPY 6 march 2012 Euro to Yen

Close(TP) Sell NZD/JPY 65.602

Profit: 195 pips 20

EUR/JPY 6 March 2012 Euro to Yen

EUR/JPY 6 March 2012 Euro  to  Yen

Close(TP) Sell EUR/JPY 106.017 

Profit: 196 pips

Monday, 5 March 2012

11Way to avoid expulsion from Google Adsense

 11Way to avoid expulsion from Google Adsense

1-Do not press on your ads and do not ask others to click on them:
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USD/CHF 5 March

U.S. Dollar Swiss Franc: Close pair at elevations of good for a third day in a row during the trading session of Friday, taking advantage of maintaining the U.S. dollar on most of its gains weekly, but not to forget the alarm that a bullish reversal is still not complete, either in front of the franc Aobagy major currencies, and therefore, caution will remain the duty with each test a new one the following main lines of resistance. 


AUD/USD 5 March

Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar: saw the pair clearly affected by the emergency power of the U.S. currency after the U.S. Fed governor's remarks in his testimony before the U.S. Congress in addition to the negative Chinese manufacturing data and visibility is generally stable for the recovery of the global economy in the coming months. Although the selling pressure forced the pair to retreat from the new annual Qmmh recorded at 1.0854, but the general framework remains upward, both in the short or the longer range of time with stability within the upper part of the scope of the movement since the beginning of the year.  

GBP/USD 5 March

GBP/USD: down cable sharply in the trading session Friday, losing about 150 points of Qmmh daily that had been recorded at the point 1.5964 in early trade, after failing a supportive environment in general for the U.S. dollar to provide the opportunity for the pound to continue its recent gains, though it was the best performers during the trading week, which break through the top of his opponents in the main near-term, up to the tops of the annual threshold of a new psychological level of 1.600.

EUR/USD 5 March

Euro-dollars: the husband is under the impact of selling pressure double in trading last week plunged its Qmmh annual near the level of 1.3500 to the bottom of a new monthly without pivot level 1.3200, both on the part of the program of bank lending, adopted by the European Central Bank, known as the LTRO, which did not succeed in providing support The single currency has been generally regarded as some sort of quantitative easing in the evaluation of what has been the large number of banks and financial institutions that benefited from the program on the grounds that some sort of continuing tension in the bank credit market in the euro zone.

NZD/USD 5 march 2012

NZD/USD 6 march 2012
Close(TP) Sell NZD/USD 0.82121 
Profit: 199 pips

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Dictionary Of Quotations - ANALYSIS


Allen, R.G.D. Statistics for Economists
Chapter I (p. 14)

The technical analysis of any large collection of data is a task for a highly trained and expensive man who knows the mathematical theory of statistics inside and out. Otherwise the outcome is likely to be a collection of drawings-quartered pies, cute little battleships, and tapering rows of sturdy soldiers in diversified uniforms-interesting enough in a colored Sunday supplement, but hardly the sort of thing from which to draw reliable inferences. 

AUD/NZD 6 march 2012

AUD/NZD 6 march
Buy AUD/NZD 1.29452 

This rule relates to the theory of capital flow. It is trading capital that pushes a
market one way or another. An oversupply or imbalance of buy orders will push the market up. An oversupply of sell orders will push the market lower.



Just as I dont know of any successful speculators, I dont know of any trader who goes into a
trade expecting to hit a home run and then actually having it happen. You should never approach a trade with the idea that its going to be a huge winner. Sometimes they turn out that way, but the times that I have a hit a home run on a position is most definitely luck, not skill.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Dictionary Of Quotations - ACTUARY


Karpansky, L.
High School Education

Someone once asked an accountant, a mathematician, an engineer, a
statistician and an actuary how much 2 plus 2 was. The accountant
said "4". The mathematician said "It all depends on your number base."
The engineer took out his slide-rule and said "approximately 3.99". The
statistician consulted his tables and said, "I am 95% confident that it lies
between 3.95 and 4.05." The actuary said "What do you want it to add  up to?" 

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This rule is the one that I get
the most questions and feedback
on by traders from all



Please review rules #5, #8, #10, #11 and #15. If you follow any one of these
rules you will never violate rule #17.




Robert D. Edwards
John Magee

Chapter 2


Charts are the working tools of the technical analyst. They have
been developed in a multitude of forms and styles to represent
graphically almost anything and everything that takes place
in the market, or to plot an "index" derived therefrom. They may be monthly charts on which an entire month's trading record is condensed into a single entry, or weekly, daily, hourly, transaction,
"point-and-figure," etc. They may be constructed on arithmetic,
logarithmic or square-root scale, or projected as "oscillators."
They may delineate moving averages, proportion of
trading volume to price movement, average price of "most active" issues, odd-lot transactions, the short interest, and an infinitude of other relations, ratios and indexes—all technical in the sense that they are derived, directly or indirectly, from what has actually
been transacted on the exchange.
With most of these, fortunately, we shall not need to concern
ourselves at all; they are of interest only to the full-time economic
analyst.* Many of them have derived from a (so far, at least) completely
futile endeavor to discover some one "mechanical" index
or combination of indexes which will always, automatically,
without ever failing or going wrong, give warning of a change in
trend; such, in our experience, are often confusing and sometimes
downright deceptive at a most critical juncture. This book, however, is designed for the layman, the business or professional man

Friday, 2 March 2012

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EUR/USD 3 march

EUR/USD 3 march
Close(TP) Sell EUR/USD 1.31923 
Profit: 192 pips

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Outline of the land bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia at a cost of $ 3 billion

Saudi official said that the Ministries of Transport in Saudi Arabia and Egypt have agreed to put the outline in the coming days for the beginning of the project the land bridge between the two countries at a cost of an initial three billion dollars.

The source added, "will be discussed with the Egyptian side," pointing out that the two sides agreed to release the name of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on the project.

The source explained that the bridge will extend from northern Saudi region of Tabuk between the head of Hamid and the Strait of Tiran to the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba in Egypt across the Red Sea, a length of 50 kilometers.