Sunday, 12 February 2012

what is forex ?

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what is forex ?

  • Forex is the market thats exist only on the internet thats every trader have an account and its balance .

  • buying and selling in the Forex is not about stocks but its about currencies such as ( usd , chf ) 

  • Forex consider now as the most widely market , and its working 24 hours from Sunday 5 pm to Friday 4 pm timing to eastern new york

  • irs so easy to trade in forex because every one can deal with it , does not need big experience , from any connected (pc , mobile ) must be online , does not requires large money like stock market  u can start with 50 $

  • There is some terminologies that's have to be under stood before any one start to trade ( buy , sell , margin , chart , bid , ask , indicators , stop loss , take profit , volume )

  • premium account can be created by contacting forex agencies lie ( forex yard ,  wall street brokers )

  • the official program for the forex is meta trader

  • we can download it from here

  • now at first we will create a demo account to train how to trade in forex

you can make it up to unlimited but make it as you see you can deposit in real 

levrage :
Is the possibility offered by brokerage firms at double the capital in order to achieve high profits, as has the use of leverage, the risk is high.

later we will explain how to begain trade but i just now wanna to sleep hh 

now we have the account 

try to do something and search in the blog and you will find the rest of how to trade 
the news in the forex is very important because its may change the hole market 

in the blog you will find forex news and forex indicators and latest forex analysis 

just if you benefited from us give a comment and any asks we will answer it ... thanks

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