Monday, 27 February 2012

western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

  western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

"Western Union" Canceled the money transfer service "Western Union" suddenly licenses that were given to a number of large exchange companies in the Gaza Strip, and maintained to provide services only at some banks, in a move aimed at imposing more restrictions on money transfers to the Palestinians.

And surprised traders of the sector with the exchange companies in the area of ​​transfer and receive money through the services' Western Union "the decision after he told them that the employees that the company, based in the United States withdrew the licenses granted to them, and kept in some banks.
The subject of banks operating in Gaza for the control of the Palestinian Monetary Authority, which serves as the central bank, and is headquartered in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank that are subject to the authority of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and place this power of control of movements of deposits and withdrawals, and is working to control the movement of the banks.

Raised cancel this service from exchange companies, the ire of citizens who have left no doubts in the process of obtaining funds or converted, as expressed indignation that the exchange of bank needs a lot of time, the congestion witnessed the beginning of each month, with the start of the pay of employees, and the advantage exchange companies to provide services faster in this area.


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