Wednesday, 22 February 2012

USD/JPY 22 Feb

 USD/JPY 22 Feb :

As shown in the graph is still a man the U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen while maintaining circulation within the bullish channel,  

as the pair did penetrate to the highest level of resistance of 79.84 in a strong signal a continuation of the movement of ascent to reach a resistance level of 80.54,


 which is expected to coincide has a price with the upper limit of the channel price, but in the case of the return of the husband to trade below the level of 79.84, which has become a support price with penetration to the bottom of the bottom of the channel price,

 the pair will target support level 79.01 Kmstahedv price out of the window channel that provided the breakthrough for bottom support level 79.40.

79.78, 80.01, 80.18
79.56, 79.39, 79.25

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