Wednesday, 22 February 2012

USD/CHF 22 Feb

 USD/CHF 22 Feb

Rose pair U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc to re-test the resistance level at 0.9135, as expected in a report yesterday This level represents 23.6% Fibonacci correction for the last wave of downward extending (from 0.9300 to 0.9090) and the inability of the husband to penetrate this level,

 which led him to drop again , it is expected to climb again the pair breaking the resistance level of 0.9135 down to 0.9170 resistance level which represents 38.2% Fibonacci correction for the last bearish wave mentioned above with the probability of landing a husband to re-test the support level at 0.9105


Constant scenario remains consistently above the support level 0.9090.
Resistance: 0.9154, 0.9186, 0.9222 Pivot: 0.9118 Support: 0.9086, 0.9050, 0.9018

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