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Types Of Charts

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Types Of Charts

there is a diffrent types of charts in technical analysis
1- Ascending Triangle
2-Descending Triangle
3-Symmetrical Triangle
4-Head & Shoulders
5-Cub & Handle
6-Flags & Pannants
9-Douple Bottom " W "

Ascending Triangle
Ascending triangle is a model that consists of a positive during an uptrend. But sometimes consists
Triangle moving upward when the arrow is in a downtrend and be a model and refers to the opposite
Whether it is configured during an uptrend or downtrend is bullish Valmthelt model indicates a positive
To assembly.
Ascending triangle can be right-angled triangle Cashel.

Characteristics of the form:
1 - trend: the triangle is a model composed by a continuing uptrend. Because the triangle
Promoted a positive model, the length and duration of the trend
is not important.


2 - the upper horizontal line "resistance level": DO NOT require the presence of at least two summits
Equal. In general, it is not necessary that the peaks are equal. It should also
Be a space between the two summits
3 - the lower the rising trend: It consists of at least Haan formation of ascending to the bottom of any
The second highest from the bottom first as there should be a space between them.
Of the reasons that lead to the failure of this model is to be Haan equal or less than the bottom
Previous bottom.


4 - Duration: The duration of this model are ranging from several weeks to several months. And duration
3 months. - Medium to be the model
runs from 1

5 - Volume "quantity": quantity and shrink less with the form. When the
Get penetration, there must be an increase in the amount of trading to confirm the breakout.
However, to confirm the amount of penetration is not necessary as the need for quantity breaks.
After the turn to get penetration resistance, which is "the upper horizontal line" to
Strong support and sometimes the price of the stock back to the point of penetration, which has become a boost ahead
of departure.


6 - the target of the form "target price": by measuring the difference between the first and the bottom
Resistance line and then collected with a point piercing resistance.

Descending Triabgle :


A model of a continuing and reverse the previous model as it is negative
Downtrend. It may be a model Anacaccia in the event of DO at the end of an uptrend
But whether it is formed during the upward or downward trend is a model refers to the negative


Characteristics of the form:
1 - trend: usually consists of the downtrend. Since it is a negative model and length of the growing trend for
Is not important.


2 - the horizontal bottom line: requires at least Haan so composed. Should not be
Alhaan equal but should be the distance between them, or long enough.


3 - the upper line falling: and requires at least two summits consists of as it should be
The first summit of the second summit of the highest, and so is supposed to be a space
Enough between them.
One of the reasons that lead to the failure of this model a top to a final up or equal to the top
That precede them.


4 - Length: extends this form will be several weeks to several months. Usually be
3 months. - The average time required for a

5 - Volume "quantity": quantity be reduced with the form. In the case of breaking
The lower support line which is "the lower horizontal line" Vanega that there will be
A rise in trading volume to confirm the fracture. In the case of breaking the support line it is converted to
Strong resistance barrier
in the future.
6 - Price Target: by measuring the difference between the highest point and lowest point in the form
And then add them to the point that happened then break the
support line

Symmetrical Triangle

It is a form of staying neutral may occur after the rise or fall depending on variables
That you will get
in the future.

If the DO during the uptrend and negative Bullish and this, this triangle are two positive
In the case of DO during the downtrend. Bearish
The advantage of this form contained at least two summits Mtnaqstin ((first summit
Higher than the second summit, and vice versa, "Haan are high and" bottom-less the first second from the bottom
And vice versa.


If the two summits connected by a straight line touching both of them and connect Alhaan charting comes into contact with
Both of them then connect the two lines until Atqataa it consists of our so-called triangle


Whether it be through this form or downtrend, the upward trend next to be determined
By the point at which the break was broken up, the positive trend, although
Break down the negative direction.


This model is as a period of rest or recreation and informs on the status of this form of equality
Between supply
and demand,
 and sets the trend after him by finding out what is happening during the period of DO
If it is a compilation of the target height, although Tbarva model is the objective of

Characteristics of the form:
1 - trend: during each consists of upward and downward trend and be neutral.


2 - the four points required availability: This form requires Lki consists of at least
Haan and summits are high Mnkhvdtin This means that the first summit of the highest summit
The second less the first and the bottom of the bottom two. To this must be the upper line downward
The bottom line upward.

3 - Volume: It is assumed that the reduced amount continues to be of the form. Then
Increasing amount at break up or


4 - Duration: form and extends from several weeks to several months. If the duration of the
Form less than three weeks, this model can be considered as a model of science.
Usually, the duration of this model are
about three months.

5 - the breach takes place: the future direction of the puncture site determined only after the break
It can be concluded place "up or down" by some of the technical indicators that
Useful to know the drainage
and assembly.

The writer says: penetration does not specify the place only after the breach occurs while trying to guess
Place of penetration, they are highly dangerous.

But after all the models of continuity
Assume that the place of penetration in the direction of the market, the trend was the rising

Penetration will be positive and the opposite is true.

6 - For the top: after getting penetration ((up or down)), turn the top of the triangle
To support or future resistance by the breach. And sometimes the stock back to the top of the triangle or
Line support and resistance before going
to the target

7 - Price Target: by measuring the difference between the highest point and lowest point in the form
And then add them to the point that happened then

Head & shoulders


Reflex is a model and is one of the most powerful models of technical analysis and gives her to a
Two types:


1 - If this be the model during an uptrend, the reflection of a negative will happen to the price
Head & Shoulders Top is called a figure head and shoulders, then the normal
After him and gets low.


2 - If the downtrend during the reflection of a positive will happen to the price of so-called shape
Head & or Inverse Head & Shoulders then inverted head and shoulders
After him and gets high for the price.
Shoulders Bottom
Overall Valenuaan quite similar and the only difference between them is a place Tkonhma.
This model was named this because it shares very similar to the shape of the head
And shoulders.


Characteristics of the form I will Bzla in the form of words Details:
Before I begin I will attach a picture of the form so that speech and clear ..
Picture of a model of the head and shoulders


At the outset we note a rise in the share price to reach the summit "summit of the shoulder
The left,
"and then come down to price point or support to the line of the neck as we know it
Later and then the apostasy from this point and rises due to the entry of purchasing power
Until the price breaks the top of the left shoulder,and thus may be the head and then
Occur sale on the stock price to fall again to the point of previous support or
Neckline and then intervene buyers again and raise the stock and this is made up "
The top of the right shoulder, "and then intervene and sellers are selling, leading to a decline
Price to the line of
the neck.


Of things is important to know that our model consists of the head and shoulders, it is true
You must have a support line called the "neckline" This on the one hand and, on the
The other must be a vertex of the highest summits of both the left and right shoulder
And not necessarily be the summits left shoulder and right equal.

Neckline in normal form is made up by drawing a line connecting the points
The support in the form of an inverted, the neckline is formed by drawing a line
Connecting the points of

Should not overlook the amount of trading in this model. When the top of the head and shoulder
The right is supposed to be the amount of trading a few, but when you break the line
Neck must be a large amount of trading.

As the amount of trading in the first half of the form may not be the quantity such as the importance
Trading in the second half
of the form.

Can be made up of this model during the same day may extend to months.
Target price of this model, whether up or down is the distance between
Vertex line of
the neck.

This explanation is the model of the head and shoulders normal while inverted is the same with
A few


Cub & Handle


It forms a continuity correction which consists of positive and after the rise in share
That is, they formed during an uptrend and represents a break of the shares occurs after penetration


How To Make Money. This form was discovered by William O'Neill was presented in his book
In this model there are two parts:

1 - cup, composed after the rise of the share appears on the bottom of the circular form.


2 - loop, and set up yet to be completed by the establishment of the cup and be in the right side of the cup
Can take several forms such as: head and shoulders model, models of triangles, the model of the knowledge or
In the form of a regular loop.


Containing two or summits left and right and the right end after the loop is made up.
The left end and a beginning of the form and are due to a rise in the share price to
After discharge for a period of consolidation on the stock,
 which begins after the stock
A correction to decline by nearly 50% of the height-winning and noted the level of contraction
Quantity the closer the arrow from the bottom to stabilize the arrow at the bottom for a while and it is
Here begins the process of assembling the stock to rise even after the right-hand side consists of a glass
And shall be equal to or above the left side of him and important notes during this rise
The high level of volume of shares traded. After the right-hand side may be a cup


And now we come to the stage of formation loop, which can also be a correction of the rise that occurred
To create the right end of
the cup.


6 months ago, and sometimes longer - the time needed to be this cup runs from 1
As in the weekly charts, but still takes time loop formed from one week to several
4 weeks ago. - Weeks and usually runs from 1
Target price of this model is the distance between the top of the right end and the bottom of the cup
Added to the top of the right end.


Flag & Pennants

Models of the flags and flags of ships is a continuity of models represent a short break
Per share is determined by the direction of the arrow to the next and usually does not change much in the direction of the arrow


As for the flags of model ships
A small start in the beginning and then narrows the range over the form Symmetrical Triangle
When the form is complete, the model is similar to the shape of
the cone.


12 weeks and usually consists of flags - the flags for these short stretches of 1
4 weeks. - A period ranging
between 1


For 12 weeks is classified as a rectangle if the increased Flags When the flag is more than one
For 12 weeks or they turn can be classified on the Flags Pennants for ships
They are similar triangles.


In these models have two levels, one resistant and the other to support and target model can
Determined by knowing which will break it at the arrow.
Broke through the stock level
Resistance This indicates that the stock is about to rise
and vice versa.



Is a model starts with a broad positive at first and then for the Falling Wedge Type descending
Narrows with low price. Can be described this type as a cone slant

This may be a type in addition to being a model model Anacaccia Astmrraria and regardless of
The type of trend, this model
is positive.


In this model consists of two levels, one of our support at the bottom and the other resistance in the

Both the top and slash down. The level of resistance, DO NOT require the presence of two summits
Mnkhvdtin "the first summit of the second summit of the highest" at least the level of support requires
Is formed to the presence of Haan Mnkhvdan "Max bottom second from the bottom" at least.
6 months. - And needs to be the model
to 3

Trading volume are more important here than in the rising wedge. Fajtrac resistance level
Must be accompanied by a rise in trading volume to prove
its success.

A model that starts with a negative reflex and wide at the bottom Rising Wedge As for the other type
Then narrows at the top with the continuing high price. Therefore, its shape is similar to a cone


We said at the outset that this model is reversible, but can also be classified as a model
I continue regardless of the type of model it is negative and indicates that the decline
will happen.


In this model there are two levels is one of resistance and the other support.
DO NOT require a level of resistance to the presence of peaks Mrtftin "less than the first summit summit
II "The level of support requires the presence of DO are high Haan" bottom of the first lower
Second bottom.


For less than the amount of trading they are the higher the price up and increase the volume of trading at
Break the support level and the increase in volume fraction for the moment serve as a confirmation
To break.


There is a similarity between this model and the model of the symmetrical triangle, but can be separated
By the symmetrical triangle that has no tendency to be specific and not a neutral or positive negative,
While rising wedge is higher tendency to be negative and refers to the



It models the continuity and represent a pause or a break in the stock trades.
This model identified easy and simple as it is composed by two parallel lines,

Support and resistance and the other that the price of the stock moves in a particular pattern, up and down.
This model does not change in the direction of the arrow and consists in ascending or descending trend.
This model is formed may extend several weeks or several months. And usually consists of this form
During the period of
3 months.

Confirmation of the rise or fall is broken sides of a rectangle of resistance or support
It is supposed to increase the amount of trading during the break to confirm it.
Target price is the distance between support and resistance line of the rectangle plus the point

" W " Douple Bottom


It is a reflex model composed during the downtrend is the opposite model
This indicates that the model will get a positive reflection of the share price, this is Top.
Sincerest form of art and most powerful models.

This requires a form to be almost equal Haan their summit.


For the bottom of the first should be the lowest point reached by the falling trend. After
Nearly 20 percent - consists of the bottom we have the first intervention to raise the purchasing power of the stock by 10
It is noted that during the height increased slightly in volume indicates that the discharge of winning
The arrow. After the summit, made ​​up the share price goes back to land again we have to be bottoming
Another "second bottom" and is roughly equal to the bottom of the first and indicates a decline in trading volume
When you drop to the bottom of this formation.
It should be noted here that the period between Alhaan may extend from several weeks to several
3 months. - In the months normally
be 1

After the bottom of the second return the price to rise again accompanied by a clear increase in the size of
Trading and
purchasing power.


The completed model Dabal bottom unless the breach of the summit between Alhaan.
Douple Top trading volume in this model is of great importance than in the Double

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