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top five 5 sites

top five 5  sites

we will rank sites not to the traffic rank , but  we will rank it according to the benefit you can get from it
this sites fight for first ranks every day

First : 

at first google (search) consider as best search engine ever
you can find any thing you surfing in google
and google also have many services
list of google services and tools :

1-google (search)
2- google alerts  (email notification service)

3 - google blog search (blog search engine)

4 - goolge books (Search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide using Google Book Search)

5 - google finance (Get real-time stock quotes & charts)
6 - google groups (Searchable archive of more than 700 million Usenet postings)

7 - google hotpot ( Rate and review the places you know to improve your recommendations.)

8 - google image search (The most comprehensive image search on the web)

9 - google language tools ( Translation of text and web pages between English and several European languages )

10 - google movies (Search Images Videos Maps News Shopping)

11- google news (aggregated from sources all over the world by Google News.)

12 - google sms ( Offers United States local business listings )

13 - google video (Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations.)

14 - google history ( Search, plus Your World. Search the web plus your photos, posts, and stuff friends  )

15 - google adsense ( Offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers Delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to site content pages. )

16 - google adwords ( Advertise with Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section next to search results to boost website traffic and sales)

17 - google certification ( Get AdWords certified - demonstrate your proficiency in managing AdWords accounts and campaigns by joining the Google AdWords Certification Program )

18 - google tv ads ( Google TV Ads: an effective way to place your advertising on TV. )

19 - google web site Optimizer  ( Website Optimizer, Google's free website testing and optimization tool )

20 - google feed burner (including feed traffic analysis and advertising facilities.)

21 - google 3d warehouse ( Create 3D buildings with Building Maker Use Street View images )

22 - google apps ( Google-powered docs, video sharing & collaborative sites. )

23 - blogger ( Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. )

24 - google bookmarks ( Use the Google Toolbar for quick access to your bookmarks and to easily create more )

25 - google calendar ( it's easy to keep track of life's important events )

26 - google docs ( Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere )

27 - google + plus ( Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. )

28 - google answers ( Google Answers is no longer accepting questions )

29 - google shopping ( Shopping Home Information for Merchants Google  )

30 - google mail ( 7+ GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. is email that's intuitive )

31 - google maps ( Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. )

how to get a business listed on google maps free service?
32 - google earth (Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. )


Second :

i consider yahoo at the second rate
because yahoo the first site i entered on the internet
we consider yahoo is the best mail service on the internet because its soo easy
and the mose wide of use mail service is
but also there is a lot of restrictions in mail
when google mail can provide you to send 500 message per day but yahoo not

yahoo services :

1- yahoo 4 cast ( share your forecast with your friends, and win - be it sports, finance, entertainment )

2 - yahoo advertising ( Drive your business with what only Yahoo! Advertising offers )

3 - yahoo answers ( Yahoo! Answers is a new way to find and share information )

4 - yahoo avatar ( Create your Avatar in Yahoo! Messenger )

5 - yahoo finance ( At Yahoo! Finance, you get free stock quotes )

6 - Flickr ( Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.  )

7 - yahoo games ( Free online and downloadable games )

8 - yahoo groups ( Yahoo! Groups offers free mailing lists, photo & file sharing, group calendars and more )

9 - yahoo health ( Medical dictionary, disease symptoms and treatments, resources for healthy living, )

10 - yahoo kids ( is the ultimate web guide for kids! Features fun and educational resources )

11 - yahoo life style ( he latest lifestyle news from Yahoo! Lifestyle )

12 - yahoo mail ( Official site for the service, which features spam filters, a virus scanner, and interfaces for international users. )

13 - yahoo maps ( Yahoo!'s map facility. Street maps and driving directions for US cities. )

14 -  yahoo messenger  ( Chat with friends for free and enjoy stealth settings, video calls, PC calls, file sharing, photo sharing, SMS, emoticons, & more. )

15 - yahoo news ( he latest news and headlines from Yahoo! News. Get breaking news stories and in-depth coverage with videos and photos )

16 - yahoo translation ( Yahoo! Babel Fish provides free online text and web page language translation tools! )

17 - yahoo weather ( View the latest weather forecasts, maps, news and alerts on Yahoo! Weather. Find local weather forecasts for the USA and cities throughout the world. )

18 - yahoo web hosting ( Yahoo! Web Hosting offers you a domain name, unlimited web hosting space )

Third :

we put youtube in the third rank because youtube have millions of videos shared on  the internet
this videos is abour every thing , news , political , economic , sport , tutorials , learning , funny videos ,

every one can share what ever he want
and some accounts can make money from ads

thats top youtube channels :


Calling all Photoshop users, if you’ve not seen the “You Suck At Photoshop” series from MyDamnChannel then you’ll probably wet yourself when you do. The series of 20 videos follows the troubled Donnie as he teaches you how to not suck at Photoshop whilst his life gradually falls apart.


Stuart Ashen’s regular video reviews have earned him a loyal following, with nearly 100,000 subscribers to his channel. The plucky Brit takes it upon himself to review the worst pieces of technology around including fake PSP-like “consoles”, terrible iPhone clones and cheap toys no child would want.


For anyone with a remote interest in Japan, Japanese culture and the far-eastern way of living. The channel follows American comedian Kevin Cooney as he works, plays and attempts to survive in Tokyo.


Virtual home to British comedian Adam Buxton (as the name suggests), the channel provides somewhat geeky comedy twists on a lot of popular themes. Examples include a mash-up of Steve Jobs’ iPad keynote speech with Star Wars (I know) and clever voice-overs of TV shows and adverts.


A master of cutting up video and audio only to arrange it for comedic effect, Cassetteboy sets about attacking the films, radio and TV shows we know and love. A lot of his material is based on British television, but the time and effort put in to each can be appreciated by anyone.


Inspired by Dali? Mentally unstable? Incredibly talented? Well at least the latter is true about this freelance animator’s YouTube channel. With his own brand of internet-insanity, Cyriak’s animations often leave you with a sense of “how did he do that then?” as he takes the mundane, adds a repetitive electro soundtrack and turns up the wackiness to 11.


Many gamers out there will be familiar with Giant Bomb, video-games reviewers and general all-round funny guys. With weekly updates that include games reviews, features and blasts from the past this YouTube channel will suit anyone with even a relaxed interest in the world of gaming.

8-BBC Comedy

The BBC Comedy YouTube channel is a regularly updated portal for the whole world to enjoy (unlike many of the BBC’s other services, which are UK-specific) that features web-exclusive content that’s bound to make you laugh.


The only band to appear on the list, these guys made internet history with the Here It Goes Again video which featured some very tightly choreographed treadmill work. Since then they seem to have spent as much time coming up with viral videos as they have writing music.


If you’re interested in science, how things work and even attempting your own home-based science experiments then this one’s for you. The channel focuses on experimentation, on subjects such as how to make your own glow sticks (and how they work, of course) to plunging your hand into liquid nitrogen (wouldn’t recommend it).


Fourth :

facebook is the best social network on the internet ever
facebook have almost 700 million users
making friendship , meeting , sharing content , advertising , selling product
and here is the top app in facebook

#1: Fan of the Week for Pages

Your fans like to be recognized. This application keeps track of participation on your Facebook page and then automatically posts a “shout out” to your fan of the week.
The application is free for the basic message, but in this post, Club D’Ville has upgraded to the paid version to post a custom message that rewards the fan of the week even more with some free passes

#2: Booshaka

Booshaka is another application that will highlight the fans who are participating on your page more often. When you install the application, a custom tab called Top Fans is added to your page.
Fans get the most points for posting to your wall and they also receive points for comments and likes.

#3: NetworkedBlogs

Facebook has changed the news feed algorithm, so it can be hard to keep track of what’s working and what’s not.
But in recent news, Facebook appears to have changed its algorithm again so that third-party posting applications such as NetworkedBlogs, HootSuite, TweetDeck and others will not be hidden in the news feed.

#6: Livestream

Livestream is a great way to bring live video events to your Facebook page. The chat feature can make it more interactive with the audience. You can record the events for later viewing.

FiFth :

twitter s almost have 100 million users
twitter now have a great role in communicating between internet users specially in news because its so fast in delivering
specially in the arabic revolutions
note : twitter content not archived in google
top twitter accounts from here

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