Saturday, 25 February 2012

how to send mltiple emails

How to send Mltiple Emails

many of us asks how to send alot of emails to share my web content or to market 
a product .

because its consider easy way to get a traffic .

this service depends on smtp , many sites can give you this service for free 

i surfed on the web but finally i discovered that gmail is the best free mail to send multiple mails 


here we come 

you must have an account in google mail to send emails 

if you wanna send emails throw email client you are limit to 100 email per day 

if you will send it throw the web you are limit to 500 email 

soo iam using the web 

to send it throw mail client 

you have to configure the mail client server 

smtp server : 

username :

password : your gmail pass 



you can send it throw the web by composing message 

and in the field of receivers enter your emails up to 500 mail 

and in message field enter what ever you want 

valid mail addresses will be delivered 

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