Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012 

GBP USD: drop cable in the trading session Monday after a double top around the level of 1.5896 in trading the past two days, which like reference principle to renew fatigue bullish momentum such as news resistors Alriash in the short term and posed by the annual summits current, but the emphasis on the stop or contain the determination the rally could take to a wave of further confirmation by removing the support Almovinj daily about 200 1.5810, which would signal a preliminary turn to enter the stage of rolling of the consolidation of the lateral with the expected scenario is the opposite of the trend will gain a measure of importance, 

if we break the support level of 1.5790 as a support line the rising trend and the latest patch level 50% of the Vebo downward trend between 1.5928 -1.5643 Moving also the level of clock 200 is located close to the area. On the other hand, the ability of the husband's cohesion and the consolidation of the theme of the highest level of 1.5823, which represents the barrier correction 61.8% for the wave of landing mentioned will remain on the control of the bias upward as is without any damage from the influential retreat now is paving to see more gains in the coming days, the highest level of the central 1.5900 In that case we expect it to break the resistance of the current annual summits, at least initially and perhaps see the goals of a fresh bullish on the borders of the important 1.5950 level.
S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.5752 1.5787 1.5809 1.5844 1.5879 1.5901 1.5936

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