Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GBP/USD : 21 Feb


the pair jumped at the beginning of the trading week to score the best level since the ninth of February, the current at the point 1.5878,
 taking advantage of the climate of confidence prevailing in the market yesterday, which prompted investors to return to risk at the beginning of the week. Pound proved in the previous period on the strength of its bullish momentum and that by ignoring the pressure forces that were supposed to be caused by the main factors relating to the raising allocations quantitative easing,
 according to the decision of the Bank of England in its last meeting, which paves the way to gain more power in the coming weeks with Adtarad improvement in market sentiment due to the potential breakthrough in the financial crisis in Europe. Technically, the bias in the near term remains bullish in the forces is supposed to rise and the survival of the pair stable higher-level pivotal 1.5810, which represents the level of Almovinj on the daily chart and also the barrier correction 61.8% Vebo for the last drop between 1.5923 and 1.5643, a Mibaky opportunities appeal upward toward the level of 1.5900 before transfer attention to the annual summits mentioned that inflict open the way toward the psychological level .1.600 on the other hand, it is without the psychological level of 1.5800 we have to support another important at about 1.5785,
 which represents a patch level 50% Vebo as well as Almovinj 20 and 100 on the chart four hours is expected to play this level an important role in containing the corrective declines Ltd. and can separate the downward break is real,
 and as containing the pair bounce back to the top or confirm the scenario scenes of deeper downward corrections in the event exceeded that open the way towards the bottom of the important 1.5740 level, followed by 1.5700. Before being translated to any declines a probable reflection of bearish in the near term and to target key support area and the current between 1.5650 - 1.5620

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.5758 1.5790 1.5810 1.5841 1.5873 1.5893 1.5924

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