Monday, 20 February 2012

GBP/USD : 20 Feb

GBP/USD : 20 Feb 2012

was able to close the trading week on the floor of a positive after the restoration of misplaced highest Almovinj daily about 200 at 1.5815, 
which play a pivotal role resistance mainly in the last few days as husband was able to maintain it at the start of trading Monday, as well as the stability of the highest patch level 16.8% Vebo for the last drop of the annual summit at the bottom 1.5923 to 1.5643 and the current which does not fall far from the level in question. Coherence of the pair the highest subsidies of these remains on building opportunities waves upward toward resistance near and powerful in the region 1.5856 -1.5880,
 which represents 61.8% Vebo to correct the landing in question also includes in it a number of pivot point of inspiration, 

which represented annual summits before breaking above it recently on the other hand, the loss support pivot level 1.5800 will re-focus towards the bottom duo important about 1.5730, which opens crossed the road towards the target Bottoms monthly below 1.5700 and we expect the intensification of the downward pressure with a return to the area of ​​price, especially after the decline from current levels, which emphasizes the negative form peaks diminishing, 
who has a husband on formed in attempts to recover only the finest. 

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