Tuesday, 28 February 2012

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

Euro Dollar: IFO trading pair in the session Thursday to consolidate and put it in the region-price new and arrived recently with the show the tendency to make corrections bearish limited and with the case of a tie relative in market sentiment after overshadowed the disappointment of the results of the meetings of the leaders of Group of Twenty in Mexico, accompanied by elevations oil prices and their potential impact on economic recovery, to reduce the optimism caused by the positive U.S. housing data. Technically, the model onto the current might be lost momentum under the influence of signals Zruh purchase and also with the approach of the pair to test the resistance area central to the considerations of the medium and which is located between 1.3500-1.3600 Yet the overall picture is still bullish in the general framework and after contain the decline daily in forces on the border of the rising trading channel support and described the condition of the facility and the clock at 1.3365 Monday bottoms also provided Almovinj level 20 on condition called Hamam four hours at that region.

 Fracture below the levels listed may enter the market with a new phase in the range of trades or corrective Altotdi will be the main support level at 1.3250, which represents the 50% barrier Vebo correction of the downward trend between 1.3546-1.2623, as well as the level of Moving Time 200. Slip without these subsidies Home in the near term may lose power to the husband to resume boarding scenario also reduces the importance of technical breakage of the latter is likely that the market pricing with the developments in the recent Greek debt file has been completed in the form of a wave of short-term recovery.S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.3302 1.3344 1.3371 1.3414 1.3456 1.3483 1.3526

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