Tuesday, 21 February 2012

EUR/USD 21 Feb

EUR/USD: the decline in the husband is average in the trading session Monday after a bilateral summit to chart the four hours the highest level of 1.3270,
 which included trying to recover daily, and paid the husband later to take the path of both sides with the absence of any details regarding the summit inspiration, currently held in Brussels, 
which is supposed to decide which European officials about the rescue package the second required to spare Greece bankruptcy potential. technically a patch level 61.8% Vebo of Trend falling between 1.3548-1.2623 around 1.3190 now represents the main support in parallel with the level of Almovinj 200 on the hourly level, which move at about 1.3183.
 fracture without those important region will convey the extent of bias in the near in principle to a kind of neutrality as revealed by pivot points that represent the following subsidies at the level of 1.3140
where correction of 50% Vebo Trend mentioned, followed by 1.3123. Before collection of the appropriate momentum to break decisively below the pivotal 1.3100 level,
 which would with the power of a bearish scenario is also likely to target the psychological level to confirm the 1.300 Appeal. 

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R3 1.3123 1.3163 1.3189 1.3229 1.3269 1.3295 1.3335

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