Friday, 24 February 2012

Elliot waves

 Elliot waves

According to the theory of Elliott wave, stock prices tend to move in a predetermined number of waves consistent with
fobonatshi series. Specifically, Elliott described the market as moving in five distinct waves on
The top and three distinct on the downside. The basic shape of the wave is.

In a major bull move. Upwaves waves waves one, three and five is 'momentum', or minor
Bull moves in the main. Waves and two indoor downwaves Oarbah represent 'cure,' or minor
Simple in a major bear move, while B represents one Lucie downwaves letters represent
Bear in simple wave. upwave
Elliott suggested that the band is found in many levels, meaning there could be waves within
Waves. For clarity, this means that the chart above represents not only the primary wave pattern

 but it can be
Also represents what is happening only between points 2 and 4. Planning below shows how the waves can break down the basic
In smaller waves.


The main wave, and placed particular importance on the Golden Mean, 0.618, as a percentage
Enters, supercycle trade using Elliott wave patterns is very simple. Distinguish the merchant or the main wave
For a long time, and then sell, Aalanekas specific

This continues in progressively shorter bike to complement
Session and return to the main wave appearing on the surface. Caution to this definition that most of the wave
Taken in hindsight and disagreements appear between Elliott Wave technicians as to what Araban bicycle
Market at home.
Here is an example a classic Elliott wave cycle that occurred in the Price Index NASDAQ garage in the late

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