Monday, 13 February 2012

Buy and Sell - Bid and Ask in Forex

Buy and Sell - Bid and Ask in Forex
Buy and Sell - Bid and Ask in Forex

the main activity in the forex is buy and sell

trading is about difference in pip between 2 currencies

pip :  is like .00001
difference between 2 currencies may be 10 pip or 20 pip what ever
now we have to know bid and ask

Bid :
is that the price of sell

Ask :
i the price of buy

Buy :
now if you feel that's Ask price will rise you will order buy , until you opened order to buy , every pip rise in ask you gain and every pip down you  lose

Sell :
if you feel that's bid price of such 2 currencies will down you will open sell order , until you opened this order you will gain fore every pip down and lose for every pip up

now we have to understand ( pip )
Pip :
is the amount of really dollar  represented by volume
volume :
is the percentage of this order to your money volume may be ( .10 , 1.00 , 10.00 )

but now how do i know which currency to order and buy or sell that's will be shown latter
what ever my advice is to choose the currency with least difference in pips

just if you benefited from us give a comment and any asks we will answer it ... thanks

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