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Before becoming a trading and markets expert, the guy on CNBC
reporting hourly from the Bond Pit, was a phone clerk on the trading
floor. Obviously this qualifies him to be an expert! He, and others, can
provide no utility to you. Treat it for what it really is…. entertainment.
The fact is: The reporting that you hear on the business programs isold news. The story has already been dissected and consumed by the
professional market participants long before the news has been disseminated.
Do not trade off of the reporting. Its too late.

EUR/USD 29 Feb 2012

 EUR/USD  29 Feb 2012
Close(SL) Buy EUR/USD 1.33842 
Loss:-40 pips

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012
Close(SL) Sell GBP/USD 1.59781 
 Loss:-203 pips

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

Close(SL) Sell GBP/USD 1.59672 
 Loss:-152 pips 20

Aud/Usd 29 Feb 2012

Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar: Listing pair reaction bearish limited after the decision of the Irish government to hold a referendum on a plan of financial stability of European, 

which had caused a kind of uncertainty in general in the market Tuesday as well, the stability of the performance of the shares in on Wall Street in spite of a negative report Durable goods orders contributed to the curb losses and the rest of the Australian dollar commodity currencies in general. Technically, the pair maintained be shown signs of support to keep the model of consolidation of the current without the resistance of the main between 1.0800 -1.0843, and with survival highest level Almovinj 20 on the red hour and four hours at 1.0760 and 1.0726, respectively, will remain on the positive bias current, and will target key resistance at the trend line broken near 1.0805 a possibility in the coming hours. Fraction higher resistance mentioned would be a signal of principle for the possibility of the resumption of the wave of recovery of annual, which will be confirmed by removing resistance of the annual summits present, especially as the Australian dollar will have a number of key events important in the coming days and that supported the risk appetite of investors will increase the chances of breaking the upward major considerations in the medium term to open the way towards the historic peaks recorded by the pair in the middle of last year the highest psychological level. 1.100

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.0702 1.0724 1.0738 1.0761 1.0783 1.0797 1.0820

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP/USD 29Feb 2012

GBP USD: recovered cable strongly in the trading session yesterday to be able to erase all the losses recorded in trading Monday full, 

despite the attempt to climb daily has been contained at the same point, which represented the top of the previous day and specifically at 1.5899, but the pair were limited retreats, subsequent to show the pattern of side of trading without strong signals up to date on the reflection of a renewed downward even in the near term. In the scenario bullish If husband was able to break the resistance level of 1.5900, this will bring attention to the direction of the annual summits around 1.5927,

 which can be expected there is a gathering of long positions above this level has been paving in the case of crossed open space bullish new and extended in front of the pair will be the main objective about 1.6090 more confidence for this technical assumption can come in the case of the ability of the rising trend line on the chart of the four hours of trying to contain the decline in survival possible with the husband, without procrastination weekly current peaks. On the other hand, the loss of support at 1.5780, which represents the barrier correction of 50% Vebo to rally final and also the level of Almovinj 100 on the chart four hours, this will make the pair an exhibition to complete the next hours the fans place among the trading side and possibly a restoration path downward the past and then the re-test base monthly trading near 1.5650 would not be something unlikely.

S3 S2 S1 PP R1 R2 R31.5761 1.5802 1.5827 1.5869 1.5910 1.5935 1.5977

EUR/USD 29 Feb 2012


Euro Dollar: recovered the pair strongly from the lows Tuesday that formed earlier at the point 1.3388, after being able to overcome early losses, 

AUD/JPY 29 Feb 2012

 AUD/JPY  29 Feb 2012
Buy AUD/JPY 86.968 

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

best code to get high page rank in google

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titles of your posts

before the code your blog name bot appears , just title of the topic

Enter the
. Control Panel
2. Planning or design
3. Edit html
5. Expand the templates user interface elements
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GBP/NZD : 28 Feb

 GBP/NZD : 28 Feb
Sell GBP/NZD 1.89799 

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012


The pivot point (the level of cancellation): 1.5870
Our preference: remote points of sale of Merit with the goals of under 1.587 at 1.581 and 1.5755 in extension.

Alternative scenario: Above 1.587 look for further upside with 1.59 and 1.5925 as targets.
Comments: the RSI Homokhtlt to bats to land.
Main levels
1.5925 **
1.59 **
1.587 **
1.581 **
1.5755 **
1.573 **

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

 EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012


The pivot point (the level of cancellation): 1.3375
Our preference: Merit centers buy far above 1.3375 with targets at 1.3485 and 1.353.

USD/CHF : 28 Feb

 USD/CHF : 28 Feb

U.S. Dollar Swiss Franc: The pair correct amount of losses experienced by the strong end of last week to go up temporarily higher level of psychological 0. 900 and who scored above the day high at the point at 0.9009 before easing modestly later and maintained a tone his positive spin on the time frames of small and with the stability of the highest level Almovinj 20 on condition clock, which is currently trading around .0.8981 Nevertheless, the pair needs at least to jump higher Summit last Friday 0.9025 to ease the selling pressure of current and suspended at least partially scenario is expected to develop pressure downward toward recording more bottoms annual In the alternative scenario, 

Aud/Usd : 28 Feb 2012

 Aud/Usd : 28 Feb 2012

Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar: re-pair attempts upward in trading yesterday and despite being able to register the top of a new daily higher than those achieved in I sat down Friday at the point 1.0783, but he again was unable to break the resistance line of the upward trend broken, which managed to contain the recovery twice consecutive terms in the last few days, which clearly shows that the resistance listed is the main obstacle to the scenario to resume boarding in the event we have seen the failure of the pair again in excess during the day Tuesday or in the alternative scenario to extend the current loss below the pivotal 1.0700,

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012

GBP/USD : 28 Feb 2012 

GBP USD: drop cable in the trading session Monday after a double top around the level of 1.5896 in trading the past two days, which like reference principle to renew fatigue bullish momentum such as news resistors Alriash in the short term and posed by the annual summits current, but the emphasis on the stop or contain the determination the rally could take to a wave of further confirmation by removing the support Almovinj daily about 200 1.5810, which would signal a preliminary turn to enter the stage of rolling of the consolidation of the lateral with the expected scenario is the opposite of the trend will gain a measure of importance, 

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

Euro Dollar: IFO trading pair in the session Thursday to consolidate and put it in the region-price new and arrived recently with the show the tendency to make corrections bearish limited and with the case of a tie relative in market sentiment after overshadowed the disappointment of the results of the meetings of the leaders of Group of Twenty in Mexico, accompanied by elevations oil prices and their potential impact on economic recovery, to reduce the optimism caused by the positive U.S. housing data. Technically, the model onto the current might be lost momentum under the influence of signals Zruh purchase and also with the approach of the pair to test the resistance area central to the considerations of the medium and which is located between 1.3500-1.3600 Yet the overall picture is still bullish in the general framework and after contain the decline daily in forces on the border of the rising trading channel support and described the condition of the facility and the clock at 1.3365 Monday bottoms also provided Almovinj level 20 on condition called Hamam four hours at that region.

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

 EUR/USD : 28 Feb
Buy EUR/USD 1.34242 

Monday, 27 February 2012

AUD/JPY : 28 Feb

 AUD/JPY : 28 Feb
Close(SL) Sell AUD/JPY 86.662 
Loss:-40 pips

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western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

  western union cancelled transactions with ghaza

"Western Union" Canceled the money transfer service "Western Union" suddenly licenses that were given to a number of large exchange companies in the Gaza Strip, and maintained to provide services only at some banks, in a move aimed at imposing more restrictions on money transfers to the Palestinians.

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AUD/CAD : 28 Feb

 AUD/CAD : 28 Feb
Buy AUD/CAD 1.07382 

EUR/USD : 28 Feb 2012

  EUR/USD : 28 Feb
Sell EUR/USD @ 1.34108
Sell EUR/USD 1.34108 
SL:1.34508 TP:1.33308

USD/CAD: 27 Feb 2012

USD/CAD: 27 Feb 2012
Buy USD/CAD 1.00122 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

EUR/AUD 27 Feb

 EUR/AUD 27 Feb
Close(SL) Sell EUR/AUD 1.26011 
 Loss:-205 pips

GBP/USD 27 Feb

GBP/USD 27 Feb :

Sell GBP/USD 1.58913 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

just a little note for web owner and bloggers

just a little note for web owner and bloggers :

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How to send Mltiple Emails

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How Google knows my content is original?


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"Google crawls site A every hour and site B once in a day. Site B writes an article, site A copies it changing time stamp. Site A gets crawled first by Googlebot. Whose content is original in Google's eyes and rank highly? If it's A, then how does that do justice to site B?" Kunal Pradhan, Ahmedabad,



Once you come to the realization that your trade is no good its best
to exit immediately. Its never a loser until you get out and Not to
worry, itll come back are often said tongue in cheek, by traders in the pit. Once the phrase is stated, it is an
affirmation that the trader realizes that the trade is no good, it is not
coming back and it is time to exit.



Never put yourself in the precarious position of losing more money than you can
afford. The worst feeling in the world is wanting to trade and not being able to do so
because the equity in your account is too low and your brokerage firm will not allow you to continue
unless you submit more funds.
I require my students to place daily downside limits on their performance.
For example, your daily loss limit can never exceed $500. Once you reach the $500 loss limit, you must turn your PC off and call it a day. You can always come back tomorrow.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Elliot waves

 Elliot waves

According to the theory of Elliott wave, stock prices tend to move in a predetermined number of waves consistent with
fobonatshi series. Specifically, Elliott described the market as moving in five distinct waves on
The top and three distinct on the downside. The basic shape of the wave is.



You are not a loser  because
you have a losing trade on.
You are, however, a loser if
you do not get out of the losing
trade once you recognize that the trade is no
good. Its amazing to me how accurate your gut is as a market indicator.
If, in your gut, you have the idea that the trade is no good then its
probably no good. Time to exit.
Every trader has losing trades throughout the session. A typical trade
day for me consists of 33 percent losing trades, 33 percent scratches
and 33 percent winners. I exit my losers very quickly. They dont cost
me much. So, although I have either lost or scratched over two-thirds
of my trades for the day, I still go home a winner.

You can be involved with us
subject with us if you want to publish important



In all of my years as a trader
I never traded more than a
50 lot on any individual
trade. Sure, I would have
liked to be able to trade like colleagues
in the pit who were regularly trading 100 or 200 lots per trade.
However, I didnt possess the emotional or psychological skill set necessary
to trade such big size. Thats OK. I knew that my comfort zone
was somewhere between 10 and 20 lots per trade. Typically, if I traded
more than 20 lots, I would butcher the trade. Emotionally I could
not handle that size. The trade would inevitably turn into a loser
because I could not trade with the same talent level that I possessed
with a 10 lot Learn to accept your comfort zone as it relates to trade size. You are
who you are.

You can be involved with us
subject with us if you want to publish important

USD/JPY 24 Feb

 USD/JPY 24 Feb
Close(TP) Buy USD/JPY 80.763
 Profit: 172 pips

Type Of Reversal Patterns

Type Of Reversal Patterns


  1. Bottoms complications (three consecutive bottoms)
  2. (Types of wedge)
  3. Multiple peaks (three peaks)
  4. (Bottom round)
  5. (head and shoulders)

1-Bottoms complications (three consecutive bottoms)

Double bottoms
The multiplier is a bottom reversal pattern of positive and consists of two consecutive equal basins are
Summit is well done and moderate in the middle is the opposite of the pattern of the double summit.

2-    (Types of wedge)
First : Bearish wedge
Is a pattern starts with a positive reflex wide at the top and shrink while prices fall

1 - Direction: -: Like any reflex pattern there must be a prior trend to reverse. The pattern
Usually over a period of 3 to 6 months.
2 - Top line of resistance: - takes on a lower level of the rate of formation of the line of resistance is higher. And be
Three peaks
All lower than the top of the summit before.
3 - Alawti support line: - Reverse the line of resistance.
4 - contraction: - meet the line of resistance lower top line of support for the formation of a conical shape.
While mature pattern of low-lying levels of the reaction is still penetrate the low-lying levels of the previous
But this becomes more shallow penetration to decrease to the quantities and then creates a resistance line.
5 - Size: - important when you break through resistance levels should be with him in high quantities
To confirm the

Second : The rising wedge

The pattern is a bullish reversal pattern expected for a negative start, a broad decline in the bottom and shrink
To the top of the continuity with the rise in prices, which reverse the bearish wedge.

GBP/AUD 24 Feb

Close(SL) Sell GBP/AUD 1.47500 
 Loss:-40 pips

Thursday, 23 February 2012

GBP/USD : 23 Feb

GBP/USD :  23 Feb
Close Sell GBP/USD 1.57468 
Loss:-49 pips

EUR/AUD 23 Feb

EUR/AUD 23 Feb
Buy EUR/AUD 1.24702 

Sell EUR : 23 Feb

Sell EUR : 23 Feb
Close(SL) Sell EUR/NZD 1.59987
 Loss:- 40 pips

Types Of Charts

HTML clipboard
Types Of Charts

there is a diffrent types of charts in technical analysis
1- Ascending Triangle
2-Descending Triangle
3-Symmetrical Triangle
4-Head & Shoulders
5-Cub & Handle
6-Flags & Pannants
9-Douple Bottom " W "

Ascending Triangle
Ascending triangle is a model that consists of a positive during an uptrend. But sometimes consists
Triangle moving upward when the arrow is in a downtrend and be a model and refers to the opposite
Whether it is configured during an uptrend or downtrend is bullish Valmthelt model indicates a positive
To assembly.
Ascending triangle can be right-angled triangle Cashel.

Characteristics of the form:
1 - trend: the triangle is a model composed by a continuing uptrend. Because the triangle
Promoted a positive model, the length and duration of the trend
is not important.


2 - the upper horizontal line "resistance level": DO NOT require the presence of at least two summits
Equal. In general, it is not necessary that the peaks are equal. It should also
Be a space between the two summits
3 - the lower the rising trend: It consists of at least Haan formation of ascending to the bottom of any
The second highest from the bottom first as there should be a space between them.
Of the reasons that lead to the failure of this model is to be Haan equal or less than the bottom
Previous bottom.


4 - Duration: The duration of this model are ranging from several weeks to several months. And duration
3 months. - Medium to be the model
runs from 1

5 - Volume "quantity": quantity and shrink less with the form. When the
Get penetration, there must be an increase in the amount of trading to confirm the breakout.
However, to confirm the amount of penetration is not necessary as the need for quantity breaks.
After the turn to get penetration resistance, which is "the upper horizontal line" to
Strong support and sometimes the price of the stock back to the point of penetration, which has become a boost ahead
of departure.


6 - the target of the form "target price": by measuring the difference between the first and the bottom
Resistance line and then collected with a point piercing resistance.

EUR/CAD : 23 Feb

EUR/CAD : 23 Feb
 Buy EUR/CAD 1.32552 

GBP/NZD 23 Feb

GBP/NZD 23 Feb
Sell GBP/NZD 1.88814 

GBP/CHF 23 Feb

GBP/CHF 23 Feb
 Sell GBP/CHF 1.42472 

USD/CHF : 23 Feb

USD/CHF : 23 Feb

Close(SL) Buy USD/CHF 0.90812 

Loss:-103 pips

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GBP/JPY : 23 Feb

 GBP/JPY : 23 Feb

Close Sell GBP/JPY 125.804 
 Profit: 39 pips

AUD/USD : 23 Feb

AUD/USD : 23 Feb
Sell AUD/USD 1.06369 


The Accumulation Swing Index is a cumulative total of the Swing Index. The Accumulation Swing Index was developed by Welles Wilder.
Mr. Wilder said, "Somewhere amidst the maze of Open, High, Low and Close prices is a phantom line that is the real market. it closely resembles prices themselves. This allows you to use classic support/resistance analysis on the Index itself. Typical analysis involves looking for breakouts, new highs and lows, and divergences.
Wilder notes the following characteristics of the Accumulation Swing Index:
  • It provides a numerical value that quantifies price swings.
  • It defines short-term swing points.
  • It cuts through the maze of high, low, and close prices and indicates the real strength and direction of the market.

You can see that the breakouts of the price trendlines labeled "A" and "B" were confirmed by breakouts of the Accumulation Swing Index trendlines labeled "A'" and "B'."

Step-by-step instructions on calculating the Swing Index are provided in Wilder's book, New Concepts In Technical Trading Systems.